Description of the Project definition

Description of the Project is amended as follows: Part C is amended to read as follows:
Description of the Project. This is an integrated socialized community of, designed to instill social values, and create employment and enhance the personal values and emotional well being of senior citizens and their families in China. This community will have 50,000 families, and a self contained healthcare and educational system. This project has numerous component parts they are inclusive of: Aggregate number of residences: 50,000 Senior Residences: These housing units are to be designed in accordance with the special needs and requirements of single or married seniors. Housing units will feature user friendly kitchens, lighting systems, walkways, and bathrooms. Special security systems inclusive of medical monitoring and emergency devices will be present in each housing unit.

Examples of Description of the Project in a sentence

  • Within Annex I, the part on the Budget of the Project takes precedence over the part on the Description of the Project.

  • If parts of the Project are contracted by the World Bank Group, the relevant procurement plan will be specified in the Description of the Project.

  • The following documents are annexed to this Administration Agreement and form an integral part thereof: Annex I: Description of the Project.

  • Description of the Project: This research requirement will involve a completed data-based project conducted in conjunction with a research committee, and written following the guidelines of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

  • They can be found on the Erasmus+ website.▪ Annex II: Description of the Project; Estimated budget of the project▪ Annex III: Financial and contractual rulesThis annex provides information on the financial and contractual rules surrounding the Grant Agreement.

  • Attached is the Description for a portion of the School Site and Description of the Project that is subject to this Site Lease and upon which Developer will construct the Project.

  • The "Property": Description of the "Project": The undersigned hereby applies for payment, certifies and waives lien rights, bond rights and all other claims.

  • Unless otherwise clearly specified in the Description of the Project in Annex I, the equipment, vehicles and supplies paid for by the Budget for the Project shall be transferred to the final beneficiaries of the Project, at the latest when submitting the final report.

  • In view of this, the CNB referred Salim’s matter to the AGC in November 2019.

  • The OPEC Fund’s General Conditions define eligible expenditures as the reasonable cost of goods, works and services required for the project to be financedout of the loan proceeds and procured in accordance with Schedules I and II (Description of the Project and Loan Allocation) of the relevant Loan Agreement and during the loan disbursing period.

Related to Description of the Project

  • Scope of the Project shall have the meaning set forth in Clause 2.1;

  • The Project means supply, installation, testing and commissioning, integration of computer hardware and services with support under Warranty and annual maintenance contract, if required for the contract period.

  • Project means specific activities of the Grantee that are supported by funds provided under this Contract.

  • The Project Site, where applicable, means the place or places named in the SCC.

  • Cost of the Project means the GMP amount. Prepare and submit to the Owner, a Guaranteed Maximum Price proposal, set forth in Article 8 of this Agreement, based upon Drawings and Specifications produced by the Architect, or other information as applicable, for the Owner’s review broken down by Trade Contract or Division, for phase of work, including alternates necessary to assure meeting the budget.

  • Construction project means an improvement that is constructed pursuant to an original contract.

  • The Project Plan means the document to be developed by the Supplier and approved by the Procuring Entity, pursuant to GCC Clause 19, based on the requirements of the Contract and the Preliminary Project Plan included in the Supplier's tender. The “Agreed Project Plan” is the version of the Project Plan approved by the Procuring Entity, in accordance with GCC Clause

  • Projects means the projects identified in Exhibit A to the Agreement and all other projects, any costs of which are included in a Transitional Capital Plan pursuant to the Act or are Recovery Costs, and financed, by payment or reimbursement, with the proceeds of Bonds or Notes.

  • Construction Plant means all machinery, appliances or things of whatsoever nature, required for the execution, completion or maintenance of the works, but does not include material or other things, intended to form or forming part of the permanent works.

  • Demonstration project means one of the following projects:

  • Costs of the Project means and embraces the cost of construction; the cost of all

  • Redevelopment means the construction, erection or placing of one or more buildings or structures on land where all or part of a building or structure has previously been demolished on such land or changing the use from a residential to non-residential use or from a non-residential to residential use or from one residential use to another form of residential use.

  • Redevelopment project means a specific construction project

  • Renovation means the modification of any existing structure, or portion thereof, that results in the disturbance of painted surfaces, unless that activity is performed as part of lead abatement as defined by this chapter. The term “renovation” includes, but is not limited to, the removal, modification, or repair of painted surfaces or painted components such as modification of painted doors, surface restoration, and window repair; surface preparation activity such as sanding, scraping, or other such activities that may generate paint dust; the partial or complete removal of building components such as walls, ceilings, and windows; weatherization projects such as cutting holes in painted surfaces to install blown-in insulation or to gain access to attics and planing thresholds to install weatherstripping; and interim controls that disturb painted surfaces. “Renovation” does not include minor repair and maintenance activities.

  • Construction Activities means the disturbance of soils associated with clearing, grading, excavation activities or other construction-related activities.

  • The Works/Project means the works to be executed or done under this contract.

  • Existing Project is a Project that has achieved Commercial Operation on or prior to the Execution Date.

  • Residential Project means a portfolio of Residential Systems owned directly or indirectly by a Contributed Company.

  • Project Facilities means those facilities of the system which will, in whole or in part, serve the purposes of this contract by conserving water and making it available for use in and above the Delta and for export from the Delta and from such additional facilities as are defined in Article 1(h)(2) herein, and by conveying water to the Agency. Said project facilities shall consist specifically of “project conservation facilities” and “project transportation facilities”, as hereinafter defined.

  • Project Facility means facility being one or more of the following facilities as specified in the Special Conditions of Contract, being developed in accordance with the Project and the Detailed Project Implementation Report and includes all its buildings, equipment, facilities, software and systems and includes without limitation, where the circumstances so require, any expansion thereof from time to time and may include any new location to be separately mentioned in the Special Conditions of Contract.

  • New Project means (a) each facility which is either a new facility, branch or office or an expansion, relocation, remodeling or substantial modernization of an existing facility, branch or office owned by the Borrower or its Subsidiaries which in fact commences operations and (b) each creation (in one or a series of related transactions) of a business unit to the extent such business unit commences operations or each expansion (in one or a series of related transactions) of business into a new market.

  • Sub-project means a specific development project to be carried out by a Beneficiary utilizing the proceeds of a Sub-loan;

  • Original Project means the Project described in the Original Financing Agreement.

  • Phases in respect of the Project shall mean that the components of the Project are placed in service during more than one year during the Investment Period, and the word “Phase” shall therefore refer to the applicable portion of the Project placed in service in a given year during the Investment Period.

  • Infrastructure Improvements means a street, road, sidewalk, parking facility, pedestrian mall, alley, bridge, sewer, sewage treatment plant, property designed to reduce, eliminate, or prevent the spread of identified soil or groundwater contamination, drainage system, waterway, waterline, water storage facility, rail line, utility line or pipeline, transit-oriented development, transit-oriented property, or other similar or related structure or improvement, together with necessary easements for the structure or improvement, owned or used by a public agency or functionally connected to similar or supporting property owned or used by a public agency, or designed and dedicated to use by, for the benefit of, or for the protection of the health, welfare, or safety of the public generally, whether or not used by a single business entity, provided that any road, street, or bridge shall be continuously open to public access and that other property shall be located in public easements or rights-of-way and sized to accommodate reasonably foreseeable development of eligible property in adjoining areas. Infrastructure improvements also include 1 or more of the following whether publicly or privately owned or operated or located on public or private property:

  • The Works/ Project means the works to be executed or done under this contract.