Demand Charge definition

Demand Charge means the charge, expressed in $/103m3/month for Firm Service except Seasonal Service or Daily Seasonal Service, in $/103m3/day for Seasonal Service, as specified in Schedule "A" to Shipper's Firm Transportation Service Agreement, and in $/103m3/day for Daily Seasonal Service, as specified in each Schedule "B-2" to Shipper's Firm Transportation Service Agreement.
Demand Charge means the annual charge calculated by multiplying the Demand Capacity Rate (or other charge component set out in the Reference Tariff Schedule that is expressed in units of $/(GJ of Chargeable Demand) per annum) by the Chargeable Demand;
Demand Charge for a billing period means a charge levied on the consumer based on the contract demand or maximum demand calculated as per the procedure provided in the Tariff Order of the Commission.

Examples of Demand Charge in a sentence

  • This Reactive Demand Charge will be subsequently applied to the customer’s monthly bill until the customer demonstrates to PG&E’s satisfaction that adequate correction has been provided.

  • Those customers operating synchronous generators who are otherwise obligated to comply with PG&E switching center voltage orders are exempt from the Reactive Demand Charge, provided that customer is in compliance with all valid PG&E switching center voltage orders.

  • If the calculated monthly Reactive Demand Charge power factor is below 95 percent, the total monthly bill will be increased by the product of the maximum reactive kilovolt-amperes consumed in the month and the Reactive Demand Charge rate.

  • Shippers ineligible to receive service under a Firm Transportation Service Agreement, for whatever reason, are not eligible for a Demand Charge Credit.

  • Schedule "B" – Calculation of Staged Contract Demand Charge The Demand Charge for a Staged Contract will be the volume-weighted average Demand Charge for all tranches over the term of the Shipper's Firm Transportation Service Agreement, as specified in Schedule "A" of such Firm Transportation Service Agreement.

More Definitions of Demand Charge

Demand Charge. None, pursuant to Section 21.2.2 of the Tariff.
Demand Charge means the charge payable for each kilovolt-ampere (kVa) of the maximum demand supplied during any 30 consecutive minutes of the month;
Demand Charge means a charge on an electric bill that is based on the customer's peak demand for electricity.[PL 2019, c. 169, §1 (NEW).]
Demand Charge means the Demand Charge set out in Schedule "A" to the Toll Schedule Firm Transportation Service.
Demand Charge means amount chargeable for the billing cycle/billing period based upon contract/billing demand in kVA.
Demand Charge means the charge payable per unit of the Maximum Demand supplied during any 30 consecutive minutes of the billing period (e.g. a month) measured in kilovolt-ampere (kVA).
Demand Charge. For the billing demand for each week at the rate of $0.55 per kilowatt for such week or if the period is less than a calendar week, at the rate of $0.095 per kilowatt per day. In the event the amount of Short Term Energy taken is reduced upon the request of the supplying party, the demand charge for the period during which such reduction is made shall be reduced $0.095 per kilowatt of reduction for each day during which any reduction is in effect. However, such reduction shall not exceed $0.55 per kilowatt for a calendar week.