Spacecraft definition

Spacecraft. (9) means active and passive satellites and space probes.
Spacecraft means an orbiting object designed to perform a specific, function or mission (e.g. communications, navigation or Earth observation) including satellites launcher upper stages, re- entry vehicle). A spacecraft that can no longer fulfil its intended mission is considered non- functional. Spacecraft in reserve or standby modes awaiting possible reactivation are considered functional.
Spacecraft means spacecraft as defined in Article 2(1) of Regulation (EU) 2021/696;

Examples of Spacecraft in a sentence

  • Xxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Director, Spacecraft 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxx, XX 00000-0000 Phone: (000) 000-0000 Technical Points of Contact NASA Xxxxxx X.

More Definitions of Spacecraft

Spacecraft means craft such as satellites which travel in space outside the earth's atmosphere;
Spacecraft means a spacecraft, satellite, spaceship, space station (or launch vehicle for such spacecraft) designed to travel to, in, or from and operate primarily in space (including parts thereof detached "in flight"). The term "spacecraft" excludes "aircraft" and missiles.
Spacecraft means a manned vehicle designed to operate at an altitude of more than 100 km above sea level;
Spacecraft means active and passive satellites and space probes; "special gun-mounting" means any fixture designed to mount a gun;
Spacecraft means any space object serving a specific purpose, including active artificial satellites and launcher upper stages;
Spacecraft means a space object, or a craft used for spaceflight activities. It includes satellites.
Spacecraft means any object and its components