Defer definition

Defer means to postpone enrollment or interrupt enrollment in PEBB insurance coverage by a retiree or an eligible survivor.
Defer means to delay consideration of a matter by Council or a Committee until a specified time or event.
Defer means to postpone all discussion on the matter until later in the same meeting or to a future date which is established as part of the motion.

Examples of Defer in a sentence

  • Following a full and wide-ranging discussion it was agreed to: • Defer detailed consideration of this report until the 1st of February Reserve Budget meeting; and• Formally request the Interim Monitoring officer’s approval to moving the start time of Monday night’s Reserve OSC Budget meeting to an earlier start at 4:00 p.m. to facilitate discussions.

  • General ProvisionsSubchapter 3 Election to Defer Compensation Subchapter 5 Assets, Credits, Accounts and Reports Subchapter 7 Investment of Deferred Amounts Subchapter 9 BenefitsSubchapter 11 Administration of PlanSubchapter 13 Administration Functions of the Plan Subchapter 15 Trust Subchapter 1 - General Provisions Section 590:25-1-1 PurposeSection 590:25-1-2 Statutory citations Section 590:25-1-3 Definitions 590:25-1-1.

  • Defer a decision on the governance arrangements for the Supporting People Programme, until guidance from the Welsh Assembly Government is issued.LOUISE FRADDCorporate Director CommunitiesABIGAIL HARRISCorporate Director WellbeingContact Officer: Satwant PryceHead of Regeneration and DevelopmentTelephone:01656 643151E-mail: Postal Address Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend.

  • An Eligible Purchaser Application to Defer Payment must be reviewed and authorized by the Michigan Department of Treasury.

  • Defer action, pending additional information or further staff analysis.Expenditures did not exceed the amounts approved in the amended FY14/15 budget and there are no impacts to the Transportation Authority’s adopted fiscal year 2015/16 budget associated with the recommended action.Recommend adopting a motion of support for acceptance of the Audit Report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015.Attachment:1.

More Definitions of Defer

Defer means a Participant’s agreement to defer the payment of an amount of Base Earnings as described in Sections 2.1 and 2.2 and set forth in such Participant’s Plan Agreement.
Defer means to postpone a decision or discussion on a matter until later in the same meeting or to a future meeting of Council or Committee.
Defer means to postpone enrollment or interrupt enrollment in a PEBB health plan by a retiree or eligible sur- vivor.
Defer means, for the purposes of this Bulletin, to temporarily suspend or put off an action.
Defer means to remove a main Motion from consideration of Board or Committee until such time as provided for at a future Meeting.
Defer means to postpone the consideration of a matter until a specific action(s) can be undertaken, such as, but not limited to, obtaining advice or circulating for public comment.