Day/Days definition

Day/Days means a calendar day(s), unless otherwise stated.
Day/Days means a calendar day(s), unless otherwise stated. “Delivery Period” means the Vessel’s ETA

Examples of Day/Days in a sentence

  • From (mm/dd/yy):To (mm/dd/yy):Hours per DayDays per WeekWeeks per Yearc.

  • It is projected that crop and livestock production would generate an emission of about 243.0 tonnes of N2O and 63.5 tonnes of CH4 by 2010, and about 253.0 tonnes of N2O and 56.0 tonnes of CH4 by 2020 (Coopoosamy and Moustache, 1998).

  • For each day of failure to complete all Oven Rebuilds or to Idle Ovens in accordance with Paragraphs 9 and 10, IHCC shall pay: Period of DelayPenalty per DayDays 1-30$1,750Days 31-60$3,000Days 61 and over$5,000 or an amount equal to 1.2 times the economic benefit of delayed compliance,whichever is greaterFor each failure to minimize emissions from Coke Oven Leaks from Non-Rebuilt Ovens by taking the actions identified in Subparagraphs 11.a-11.c, IHCC shall pay: $500 per day.

  • The respondents are baby boomers who are professionals that have a background and knowledge about handling technology.

  • Thus, an overview of Mike’s Layered Academic Support looks like this: Academic SupportContent AreaTime of DayDays per WeekTeacherMath LeagueAcademic League1:20 – 2:20Monday – ThursdayCitizen Schools StaffReading (Decoding)Elective2:20 – 3:45A days (Mon & Wed)Edwards ELA Teacher Example: Bobby, 8th Grade Student Bobby scored very low in Math and ELA on last year’s 7th grade MCAS.

More Definitions of Day/Days

Day/Days means any Gregorian calendar day(s).
Day/Days means a calendar day(s), unless otherwise stated. “Marine Fuels” means products as stated in the Confirmation Note. “Parties” means the Sellers and Buyers collectively.
Day/Days means calendar days;
Day/Days means calendar days and are inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays as well as public holidays.
Day/Days means any day other than a public holiday or a Saturday or Sunday.
Day/Days. The term “day” means a calendar day of 24 hours. The term "days" means consecutive calendar days of 24 hours each, or any fraction of a single day. • INSPECT, INSPECTION: The visual observation of the Work involved in this project as it is being constructed, in order to permit us, as experienced and qualified professionals, to determine that the Work, when completed by the Contractor, generally conforms to the plans, specifications and Contract Documents. If we make any such inspections for you, you agree that we are not guaranteeing, and that we have no authority or control over, the Contractor's performance or his failure to perform the Work in accordance with the Contract Documents. We also have no responsibility for the means, methods, techniques, sequences or procedures selected by the Contractor, or for the Contractor's safety precautions and programs, or for the failure of the Contractor to comply with any laws or regulations relating to performing or furnishing the Work under their Contract.
Day/Days means calendar days, inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and debtor balance as at 30 June of a financial year by which the debtor balance must be reduced in the Annual Financial Statements.