CMP definition

CMP means Citicorp Mezzanine Partners, L.P.

Examples of CMP in a sentence

  • It includes both the necessary procedures for maintaining compliance with all the applicable requirements and a compliance monitoring programme (CMP) to monitor the execution of these procedures.

  • The purpose of this AMC is to provide additional and specific information to an organisation operating FSTDs on how to establish a compliance monitoring programme (CMP) that enables compliance with the applicable requirements.

  • Firstly, a CM manual containing the policy, terminology, organisational charts and responsibilities, an overview of all processes, within the system, including those for maintaining regulatory compliance such as QTG running and fly-outs (function and subjective testing), CMP including the audit schedule and audit procedures including reporting and corrective action procedures.

  • This is the compliance monitoring programme (CMP) and includes the audit methods, reporting and corrective action procedures and feedback, management reviews and schedules for audits of all aspects of the FSTD operation.

  • We measure the performance of the MRC models, i.e., the best fine-tuned model (FT) and the competition model (CMP), and human on the test questions w.r.t. different factors, including writing style, document length and question type.

More Definitions of CMP

CMP means chemimechanical pulp;
CMP means coordinating medical provider, as defined in A.R.S. § 36-2351.
CMP shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.2.2(f).