Contact sport definition

Contact sport means a sport, other than football, hockey, lacrosse, or wrestling, defined as a contact sport by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Contact sport means a high-risk sport, such as (but not limited to) football, hockey, rugby or boxing that involves physical contact between players as part of the normal play.
Contact sport means a sport in which the players have a range of physical contact with other players;[definition of "contact sport" inserted by section 2(b) of Government Notice 751 of 2020]

Examples of Contact sport in a sentence

  • Contact sport or activity is defined as “a sport or activity in which the participants necessarily come into bodily contact or as a matter of course encroach within 2m of one another” such as Judo, Netball and Basketball.

  • Contact sport players generally wish to return to play as quickly as possible, putting themselves at risk of further concussion.

  • Contact sport athletes had higher rates of labral debridement (50.0%; P < .0001).

  • Contact sport athletes may participate in individual work outs and use of equipment as long as criteria in #2 are fulfilled.

  • Contact sport that involve extensive body contact should however be modified.

  • The symptoms affect the functioning of the brain and eventually lead to dementia.• Contact sport: is any sport where physical contact is an acceptable part of play for example rugby, football, and hockey.• Non-contact sport: is any sport where physical contact is not an acceptable part of play but where there are nonetheless potential collisions between players and between players and the ball, for example cricket and netball.

  • Sports and other close contact activities· Contact sport and close contact activities can resume if the school is able to contact trace who is on-site during school hours and during practice and competitions.

  • Contact sport participation and chronic traumatic encephalopathy are associated with altered severity and distribution of cerebral amyloid angiopathy.

  • Contact sport, e.g. boxing is not allowed unless previously authorized by Facilities and Services.

  • Contact sport athletes(football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, volleyball, sailing, baseball, field hockey, ice hockey, wrestling, cheerleading, and softball) will test every two years.- The athletic trainer will complete preseason sign ups one month prior to the start of the winter and spring seasons.

More Definitions of Contact sport

Contact sport means any sport in which physical contact between players is an accepted part of play. Country of Residence means the country of which the Insured Person is currently residing and holds a valid residency visa or is born there Day means a period of 24 consecutive hours including the day of admission but excluding the day of discharge.
Contact sport means a sport where the rules of a sport allow for significant physical contact between its participants;
Contact sport. A sport that necessarily involves physical contact between and among players and engaged in by an Insured Person solely for leisure, recreation, entertainment, fitness or physical education such as rugby, football, karate, boxing, martial arts and wrestling among others.
Contact sport means any sporting activity that does not allow a physical distance of at least one and a half meters (1.5 meters) between participants, and includes basketball, boxing, football, goal ball, hockey, judo, karate, khokho, netball, rugby, taekwando, volleyball, water polo and wrestling.

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  • Contact means a communication, direct or indirect, between an athlete agent and a student athlete, to recruit or solicit the student athlete to enter into an agency contract.