contact details definition

contact details means sufficient details including but not limited to a name, surname, telephone number – business or private, e-mail address, postal and residential addresses that will enable a Municipality or organ of state to contact a person for purposes of executing their functions in terms of the Act or this By-law and in so far as it relates to an organ of state, the details of a contact person within the employ of the organ of state;
contact details of the Board means the Board’s name and address and the name and telephone number of a person who is available to deal with inquiries directed to the Board;

Examples of contact details in a sentence

  • Contact Details Our address: Belgrave House, 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX Telephone number: 0000 000 0000 Website: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx If you register for an online account, you can also contact us using the online account centre.

  • Customer agrees HashiCorp may process Contact Details solely for the performance of this Agreement, which may include transferring Contact Details outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and/or outside the UK, and/or allowing Contact Details to be processed by third parties in furtherance of this Agreement.

  • If HashiCorp is granted access to Customer Personal Data other than Contact Details, Customer shall promptly notify HashiCorp and HashiCorp shall promptly return all such Customer Personal Data in its possession or control to Customer, and Customer shall terminate such access.

  • Customer may update, modify, or delete Contact Details upon written request.

  • HashiCorp does not seek or require, and Customer shall not provide, access to Customer Personal Data other than Contact Details.

More Definitions of contact details

contact details means information on how to contact a persona, typically including a telephone number, address;
contact details means the notified electronic communication address, notified facsimile number, notified postal address and notified telephone number of a Code Participant.
contact details refers to your contact details, including, but not limited to, your mobile phone numbers, email address and mailing address.
contact details means a person’s telephone number, if he has one, and, where he may be contacted by other telephonic or electronic communication, his fax number and/or email address;
contact details means a named individual, postal address, email address and telephone number; and
contact details means either a phone number, email address, address or fax number as provided to Us by You from time to time.
contact details. Customer’s email address set forth in the Agreement.