HOD definition

HOD means the Head of the Department concerned.
HOD means, the Head of the Department.

Examples of HOD in a sentence

The City Manager on recommendation of the Chief Financial Officer and the relevant HOD shall approve variation orders.

Ongoing interventions are to monitor and report on progress with theSECTION 3: Report on organisational systems and resources for the delivery of services implementation of the Indicative Training Plan, as Employee Assistance Programmewell as to consider bursary applications and makerecommendations to the HOD in this regard.

Supply Chain management sub – directorate may at any given time request userdepartments to assist with the technical evaluation of the quotation and the results ofsuch evaluation shall be submitted to General Manager: Supply chain management forconsideration.15.2.4 15.2.3 General Manager: Supply chain managementThe HOD may approve or declineconsider / reject the recommendation in line with the legislative framework and make final decision.

This service was TDAC and HRD were consolidated into a called upon a number of times during the year, and memorandum and forwarded to the HOD for the component will continue to assist until the approval.

For remaining students the HOD of the parent department will plan for courses as per the convenience of the department.

More Definitions of HOD

HOD means the Head of Education Department in a province;
HOD. ’ means a provincial head of department responsible for social develop- ment; 50
HOD means head of department of CIDCO.
HOD means Head of Department, by whatever designation known
HOD means the Head of the Department;