Measures definition

Measures means any measures proposed by the Supplier or any subcontractor within the meaning of regulation 13(2)(d) of TUPE;

Examples of Measures in a sentence

  • Performance Measures For each performance measure the State will use to assess compliance with the statutory assurance (or sub-assurance), complete the following.

  • Country Engineering Measures Use only under a chemical fume hood ensuring adequate ventilation, especially in confined areas.

  • PanelReport, Morocco 3 Definitive AD Measures on Exercise Books (Tunisia), para.

  • Recommendations- Measures to prevent fire as well as aerosol and dust generationUse local and general ventilation.

  • Measures to protect blasting operations and personnel from lightning12.

More Definitions of Measures

Measures. One hundred percent (100%) of offenders served will have chronological recordings in their case files documenting the offender’s level of participation and compliance with treatment goals and objectives.
Measures. One hundred percent (100%) of the offenders exiting treatment shall have a discharge plan prepared and forwarded to the DEPARTMENT within thirty (30) days of the offender’s discharge.
Measures. Education Order (Chapter 210) Description: I nvestment and Cross-Border Trade in Services 1. Foreign nationals and enterprises may not supply higher education services through a commercial presence in Brunei Darussalam, unless: (a) through an enterprise established in Brunei Darussalam that is a joint venture, where the foreign national or enterprise does not own more than 51 per cent equity shareholding in the joint venture; (b) they comply with any performance requirements imposed, including a requirement to transfer a particular technology or other proprietary knowledge as long as such requirement to transfer technology or other proprietary knowledge does not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the owner of technology or proprietary knowledge and is not for the purposes of commercial exploitation by Brunei Darussalam; and (c) a majority of the senior managers in the joint venture are Brunei nationals. 2. Foreign enterprises are not allowed to be set up as branches or associate institutions unless authorised by the Minister of Education.
Measures means any legislation, law, regulation, direc- tive, requirement, guideline, program, policy, administrative practice, or other procedure.