Collateral Assignment definition

Collateral Assignment means, with respect to any Contracts, the original instrument of collateral assignment of such Contracts by the Company, as Seller, to the Collateral Agent, substantially in the form included in Exhibit A hereto.
Collateral Assignment means any assignment of leases, rents, issues, or profits made and delivered in connection with the grant of any mortgage, or the execution of any conditional sales contract or in connection with any extension of credit made against the security of any interest in real property, where the assignor retains the right to collect or to apply the lease revenues, rents, issues, or profits after assignment and prior to default.
Collateral Assignment means the Collateral Assignment of Acquisition Documents, dated as of the date hereof, and in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Collateral Agent, made by the Buyer in favor of the Collateral Agent.

Examples of Collateral Assignment in a sentence

  • Winter Hill Bank also holds a Collateral Assignment of Rents and Other Rights with respect to 338 Market Street, recorded in the Middlesex North District Registry of the Land Court.Approximately six months after the Debtor granted Winter Hill Bank a mortgage on the 338 Market Street property, LDFC, on August 15, 2003, loaned the Debtor the sum of$250,000.

  • Upon any Collateral Assignment or the placing of a Leasehold Mortgage, IALR will notify RIFA thereof, and of the address of the assignee of IALR’s interest in the Lease (the “Collateral Assignee”) or the holder of the Leasehold Mortgage (the “Leasehold Mortgagee”), as the case may be, to which notices will be sent.

  • Consent to Pledge, Collateral Assignment or Grant of a Security Interest.

More Definitions of Collateral Assignment

Collateral Assignment means that certain Collateral Assignment dated as of August 16, 2013 by Company for the benefit of the Collateral Agent on behalf of the Secured Parties.
Collateral Assignment means the Collateral Assignment of Interests in the form of Exhibit K attached hereto from Borrower to the Administrative Agent, for the benefit of the Lenders, as the same may be modified, amended or restated, pursuant to which there shall be granted to the Administrative Agent on behalf of the Lenders a first priority lien and security interest in the applicable Pledged Equity Interests and the other interests of Borrower in the Collateral described therein, and any further assignments, certificates, powers, consents, acknowledgments, estoppels or UCC-1 financing statements that may be delivered in connection therewith.
Collateral Assignment means an assignment made by the Executive in favor of the Corporation in a form mutually agreed to by the Corporation and the Executive and accepted by the Insurer.
Collateral Assignment means the Collateral Assignment, entered into in connection with the Original Credit Agreement, attached hereto as Exhibit G, between the Borrower and the Collateral Agent.
Collateral Assignment means any collateral assignment of a Material Contract, in form and substance approved by the Administrative Agent, executed by the applicable Loan Party or Loan Parties and the counterparty to such Material Contract in favor of the Administrative Agent, for the benefit of itself and the other Secured Parties.
Collateral Assignment means an assignment made by the Owner in favor of the Corporation in a form attached to this Agreement as Exhibit 1.