Cluster definition

Cluster means the Group of exchanges/ cluster of contiguous exchanges.
Cluster means a collection of virtual machines running a single instance of the HDInsight Service.

Examples of Cluster in a sentence

  • The Queue Cluster Window shall have a fixed time interval based on fixed annual opening and closing dates.

  • Any changes to the established Queue Cluster Window interval and opening or closing dates shall be announced with a posting on the ISO’s OASIS beginning at least one hundred and eighty (180) Calendar Days in advance of the change and continuing thereafter through the end date of the first Queue Cluster Window that is to be modified.

  • If the ISO elects to study Interconnection Requests using Clustering, all Interconnection Requests received within a period not to exceed one hundred and eighty (180) Calendar Days, hereinafter referred to as the “Queue Cluster Window” shall be studied together.

  • Cluster Project Area – All of the individual parcels from which development is clustered including the area set aside for preservation and the area set aside for development.

  • Cluster/Conservation Design Development – A development design technique where principal buildings and structures are grouped together on a portion of the Cluster Project Area, while the remaining land area is permanently deed-restricted in agricultural use, for conservation of environmental resources, or as open space for environmental protection including public recreational use.

More Definitions of Cluster

Cluster means a group of local service providers involved in health and care who have agreed to collaboratively work together to deliver primary medical services across a specified geographical area;
Cluster means the Group of BSNL OLTE.
Cluster means one or several dedicated server(s) which are tightly connected, work together and can be viewed as a single system.
Cluster means two or more geothermal injection wells connected to the same manifold or header of a geothermal heating and cooling system.
Cluster means the Group of exchanges / cluster of contiguous exchanges.