Challenge Material definition

Challenge Material means the materials (other than Retained Challenge Material) used to confirm the immunogenicity of each Divestiture Product and the media formula to propagate the challenge organism.

Examples of Challenge Material in a sentence

  • Devise and submit to the FDA the LOA, the clinical protocol (and related documents), and other documents (as necessary) to enable (based upon future production of DENV-2 challenge material) clinical characterization, proposed post-characterization activities and implementation of the DHIM-2 module.2. Clinical Plans for Characterization of Challenge Material.

  • P4Collaboration Challenge: Material FragmentationSo it can be based on materials that you say: Okay, we know gold mining and mining of cobalt comes at a high risk.

  • The Promoter is not obliged to publish the Challenge Materials, or any part of the Challenge Material, within a specified time period or at all.

  • You agree that you will not seek injunctive relief against the Promoter or seek to restrain the Promoter from publishing and distributing the Challenge Material.

  • Challenge: Material costs rapidly increased in the third quarter 2021.

  • The CT will also identify red list free materials for division 9 products utilizing the ILFI Living Building Challenge Material Petal framework.

  • In addition, high dose levels of a chemical mixture may have different types of effects than low dose levels and high to low dose extrapolation may be meaningless.In the following, several terms used to describe interactions between chemicals are mentioned as well as basic concepts used in the toxicological evaluation and risk assessment of chemical mixtures.

  • March 28, 2013The Challenge: Material and Environment Scarcity (plenary panel).

  • Composition of Challenge Material For the 3/4YO children the two active mixes (A and B) differed from each other in quantity of color additives and the specific color additives used.

  • We expect to receive the Living Building Challenge, Material Petal, and the project has had an incredible construction waste diversion rate of 98.13%.

Related to Challenge Material

  • Licensed Material means the artistic or literary work, database, or other material to which the Licensor applied this Public License.

  • Investigational Product means the Study Drug identified above and the control material, as further detailed in the Protocol;

  • Product Know-How means Know-How

  • Fissile material means the radionuclides uranium-233, uranium-235, plutonium-239, and plutonium-241, or any combination of these radionuclides. "Fissile material" means the fissile nuclides themselves, not material containing fissile nuclides. Unirradiated natural uranium and depleted uranium and natural uranium or depleted uranium, that has been irradiated in thermal reactors only, are not included in this definition. Certain exclusions from fissile material controls are provided in 10 CFR 71.15.

  • Input Material means all documents, information, representations, statements and materials provided by Customer or a third party on behalf of Customer, relating to the Services, including computer programs, data, logos, reports and specifications and inventories.

  • Licensed Know-How means all Know-How that (a) is Controlled by Pfizer or any of its Affiliates as of the effective date of the Pfizer-MPP Agreement, (b) directly relates to the use of the Compound, Product or Licensed Product in the Field, and (c) is not in the public domain or otherwise generally known. For the avoidance of doubt, (i) Licensed Know-How shall not include any Know-How to the extent solely and directly related to any other Pfizer compound or to the extent related to the use of the Compound, Product or Licensed Product outside the Field and (ii) Licensed Know-How includes only that Know-How, designated by Pfizer in its sole discretion, necessary for the manufacture, registration and commercialization of the Compound and/or Licensed Product for use in the Field. For the avoidance of doubt, Licensed Know-How excludes any Know-How related to ritonavir that has been (either as of the Effective Date or at any time during the term of this Agreement) in-licensed by Pfizer from any Third Party.

  • Promotional Material means any communication that relates to the Company or its services made to or directed at, or that relates in any way to the solicitation of a Prospective Customer or a transaction in an Existing Customer’s trading account. Promotional Material includes, but is not limited to, published written texts, training materials, advertisements, market analysis, research reports, correspondence to Existing Customers or Prospective Customers, newsletters and generally anything written that assists in the solicitation process.

  • Program Know-How means all Information and inventions that are conceived, discovered, developed, or otherwise made by or on behalf of either Party or its Affiliates or licensees, solely or jointly with the other Party or its Affiliates or licensees, under this Agreement.

  • Manufacturing Know-How means, with respect to the Product or any Variant thereof, the technology, data, designs, processes, methods, specifications and other know-how used in connection with the formulation, manufacture, labeling, packaging, quality control, release testing, and production of the Product, and all ingredients used therein and portions thereof.

  • Biological Material means any material containing genetic information and capable of reproducing itself or being reproduced in a biological system;

  • IP Materials has the meaning given to it in clause E8.1 (Intellectual Property Rights).

  • Investigational Medicinal Product means the study drug or control material as defined in the Protocol.

  • Background Material means any pre-existing works in which the Intellectual Property Rights are owned by either Party, which have been prepared by that Party outside the scope of this Agreement or which were licensed from a third party by that Party.”

  • Regulatory Materials means regulatory applications, submissions, notifications, registrations, or other filings made to or with a Regulatory Authority that are necessary or reasonably desirable in order to develop, manufacture, market, sell or otherwise commercialize a product in a particular country or regulatory jurisdiction. Regulatory Materials include INDs, XXXx and NDAs (as applications, but not the approvals with respect thereto).

  • SAP Materials means any software, programs, tools, systems, data, or other materials made available by SAP or any other member of the SAP Group to Partner or to an End User (either directly or indirectly via Partner) prior to or in the course of the performance under any part of this Agreement including, but not limited to, the other SAP Products.

  • clinical investigation means any systematic investigation in one or more human subjects, undertaken to assess the safety or performance of a device;

  • Licensed Materials means any materials that Executive utilizes for the benefit of the Company (or any Subsidiary thereof), or delivers to the Company or the Company’s Customers, which (a) do not constitute Work Product, (b) are created by Executive or of which Executive is otherwise in lawful possession and (c) Executive may lawfully utilize for the benefit of, or distribute to, the Company or the Company’s Customers.

  • Licensed IP means the Intellectual Property owned by any person other than the Corporation and to which the Corporation has a license which has not expired or been terminated;

  • Manufacturing Materials means parts, tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, plans, drawings, and information produced or acquired, or rights acquired, specifically to fulfill obligations set forth herein.

  • Promotional Materials means the core written, printed, video or graphic advertising, promotional, educational and communication materials (other than Collaboration Product labeling) for marketing, advertising and promotion of the Collaboration Products.

  • Controlled technical information means technical information with military or space application that is subject to controls on the access, use, reproduction, modification, performance, display, release, disclosure, or dissemination. Controlled technical information would meet the criteria, if disseminated, for distribution statements B through F using the criteria set forth in DoD Instruction 5230.24, Distribution Statements on Technical Documents. The term does not include information that is lawfully publicly available without restrictions.

  • Course Materials means lectures, exercises designed for online collaboration, multimedia developed for Web distribution, notes, outlines, syllabi, bibliographies, tests, instructional handouts, videotaped presentations and any like materials and documents (whether in electronic or other medium) that a member of the bargaining unit authors or creates in connection with the preparation or teaching of a course at a University.

  • Program Materials means the documents and information provided by the Program Administrator specifying the qualifying EEMs, technology requirements, costs and other Program requirements, which include, without limitation, program guidelines and requirements, application forms and approval letters.

  • Product Complaint means any oral, electronic or written communication that alleges deficiencies related to the identity, quality, durability, reliability, safety, effectiveness or performance of a marketed product, including failure of the product, labelling or packaging to meet specifications, whether or not the product is related to or caused the alleged deficiency. A complaint may allege that an Adverse Event or Medical Device Malfunction (as defined herein) has occurred.

  • GOODS / MATERIALS means any of the articles, materials, machinery, equipments, supplies, drawing, data and other property and all services including but not limited to design, delivery, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning specified or required to complete the order.

  • Product Data are illustrations, standard schedules, performance charts, instructions, brochures, diagrams, and other information furnished by the Contractor to illustrate materials or equipment for some portion of the Work.