Ceased definition

Ceased means, for purposes of Chapter 38 of this title, to come to an end; to not use; to vacate. For purposes of Chapter 19.38, no showing of intent to cease is required.
Ceased means one or more deliberate actions taken by the Permittee that, taken together, reasonably indicate a site is no longer active, including but not limited to removal of equipment and machinery or failure to maintain EPSC best management practices.

Examples of Ceased in a sentence

  • Notification of Deficiency to Corpora- tion Which Has Ceased to be a Member of an Affiliated Group.

  • Ceased to maintain his or her residence or principal place of business in this state.

  • See Section XII (Labor Organizations That Have Ceased to Exist) of these instructions for information on filing a terminal financial report.

  • The Commission may determine that an establishment has Ceased to Operate based on its actual or apparent termination of operations.

  • Entry into force: 16 October 1978 Ceased to be in force on 24 May 2002, in accordance with article 2 of the Protocol of 2000 to the International Fund for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage, 1971, when the number of Contracting States to the Convention fell to 24.

  • Because Deferral Credits have ceased pursuant to Section 3.1 (Credits Ceased) and because there are no scheduled distribution elections on file, the scheduled distribution provisions of the Plan as in effect prior to the Effective Date are now without effect.

  • The same has been reflected above since the shareholder was one of the Top 10 shareholders as on 31/03/2020.# Ceased to be in the list of Top 10 shareholders as on 31/03/2020.

  • The same has been reflected above since the shareholder was one of the Top 10 shareholders as on 31/03/2019.# Ceased to be in the list of Top 10 shareholders as on 31/03/2019.

  • Employment Would Have Ceased or Hours Would Have Been Reduced.An employee has no greater right to reinstatement or to other benefits and conditions of employment than if the employee had been continuously employed during the CFRA or NPLA leave period.

  • Position Staff Member’s Name FT / PT Assumed Duties (month/year) Date Employment Ceased (month/year) Number of Years Employed Reason Email Address (current employees only)* * The Commission may survey current employees of the school prior to the on-site evaluation.

More Definitions of Ceased

Ceased means one or more deliberate actions taken by the Permittee that, taken

Related to Ceased

  • Continue “Continuation” and “Continued” each refers to the continuation of a LIBOR Loan from one Interest Period to another Interest Period pursuant to Section 2.9.

  • in any Person means any loan or advance to such Person, any purchase or other acquisition of any Equity Interests or Debt or the assets comprising a division or business unit or a substantial part or all of the business of such Person, any capital contribution to such Person or any other direct or indirect investment in such Person, including, without limitation, any acquisition by way of a merger or consolidation and any arrangement pursuant to which the investor incurs Debt of the types referred to in clause (i) or (j) of the definition of "Debt" in respect of such Person.

  • Initial appointment means appointment made otherwise than by promotion or transfer;

  • Older person means an individual who is at least fifty-five (55) years of age and qualified to reside in a Housing For Older Persons Project.

  • Alternate Director means a person elected or appointed to serve, as the occasion requires, as a member of the board of a company in substitution for a particular elected or appointed director of that company;

  • EBO Date Means the date set forth on Schedule 1 to the Lease as the "EBO Date".

  • WHO means the World Health Organization.

  • Incumbent Director means a director who either (i) is a member of the Board as of the Effective Date or (ii) is elected, or nominated for election, to the Board with the affirmative votes of at least a majority of the Incumbent Directors at the time of such election or nomination (but excluding a director who was elected or nominated in connection with an actual or threatened proxy contest relating to the election of directors of the Company).

  • Authorized Person means any officer of the Fund and any other person authorized by the Fund to give Oral or Written Instructions on behalf of the Fund. An Authorized Person's scope of authority may be limited by setting forth such limitation in a written document signed by both parties hereto.

  • Director means a member of the Board.

  • Ineligible Person shall include an individual or entity who:

  • Licensed capacity means the number of children the Department has determined the day care home can care for at any one time in addition to any children living in the home who are under the age of 12 years. Children age 12 and over on the premises are not considered in determining licensed capacity.

  • Ineligible means that the individual obtained the checks and clearances as described in sections 5n and 5q and is not considered appropriate to obtain a license, to be a member of the household of a group child care home or family child care home, or to be a child care staff member due to violation of section 5n, 5q, or 5r.

  • Incumbent Contractor means any contractor providing any service that constitutes or that will constitute part of the Services immediately before the Transfer Date.

  • Incumbent means a person who is in present possession of an

  • Restricted Appointment means (a) any Appointment for which the applicable Authorizations have not been obtained, and (b) any Appointment for which the maturity date of the applicable Corporate Trust Contract is on or before June 30, 2022.

  • Officer means a person who is an officer of the Company within the meaning of Section 16 of the Exchange Act and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.

  • Serve means to place an alcoholic product before an individual.

  • hold on any account maintained with Bank and/or deliver a notice of exclusive control, any entitlement order, or other directions or instructions pursuant to any Control Agreement or similar agreements providing control of any Collateral;

  • Regularly appointed employee means an individual with an exempt, probationary or regular appointment to a position of City employment.

  • until each mean “to but excluding;” and the word “through” means “to and including.”

  • Contracted Capacity means the AC capacity of the project at the generating terminal(s) and contracted with MSEDCL for supply from the Solar Power Project which shall be equal to (Insert MW).

  • Bid Capacity meanss capacity offered by the bidder in his Bid under invitation.

  • (2) SECRETARY.—The term Secretary’ means the Secretary of the Interior.

  • Appointment Date shall have the meaning specified in Section 9.02(a).

  • Rated Capacity means the Average Daily Flow for which the Works are approved to handle;