CB definition

CB or “Cash Sweep Fund Baseline” means, the lesser of (a) [***] and (b) the percentage obtained by dividing (i) the maximum amount of debt that can be fully supported by Net Cash Flows distributable to the Managing Member(s) of such Subject Fund assuming interest is accruing at the Default Rate when applying the ITC Downside Case to that particular Subject Fund and only that Subject Fund by (ii) the Discounted Solar Asset Balance of such Subject Fund.

Examples of CB in a sentence

  • This legally enforceable obligation is in accordance with the provisions of Revenue Ruling 69-115, 1969-1 C.B. 50, and is for the purpose of entitling such employee to a business expense deduction for the taxable year in which the repayment is made to the Corporation.

  • Contribution of Working Group II to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Field, C.B., V.R. Barros, D.J. Dokken, K.J. Mach, M.D. Mastrandrea, T.E. Bilir, M.

  • The owner of two or more individual retirement accounts may use the "alternative method" described in Notice 88-38, 1988-1 C.B. 524, to satisfy the minimum distribution requirements described above.

  • Please refer to the Global Master Trade Terms or the CB Booklet for the terms applicable to this service.

  • The individual cartoon may be packed as such in the CB with centre pad.

More Definitions of CB

CB means certification body and refers to an entity that has signed the License and Certification Agreement with GLOBALG.A.P. to engage in a contractual relationship with Contracting Parties (CPs) to perform inspection/audits on their operations.
CB means the current balance of the closure or postclosure accounts.
CB means a bank that has been authorized by the People’s Bank of China to provide clearing and settlement services for Renminbi in Hong Kong, and which for the time being is Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited. Unless stated otherwise herein, all references to CB refer to CB in its capacity as clearing bank.
CB or “U.S. Servicer”) and OnX Enterprise Solutions Ltd., an Ontario corporation (the “Canadian Servicer”, together with the U.S. Servicer, the “Servicers”), THE VARIOUS LENDERS, LC PARTICIPANTS AND GROUP AGENTS FROM TIME TO TIME PARTY HERETO, PNC BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, as Administrator for each Group (in such capacity, the “Administrator”), and as issuer of Letters of Credit (in such capacity, together with its successors and assigns in such capacity, the “LC Bank”), and PNC CAPITAL MARKETS, a Pennsylvania limited liability company, as Structuring Agent (in such capacity, the “Structuring Agent”).