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Workers. Compensation Law” means any law relating to compensation for injury to Workers or employees.
Workers. Compensation Event” means the event, injury, illness or condition giving rise to a workers’ compensation claim.
Workers compensation insurance" means:

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Equal Opportunity for Workers with Disabilities (Jul 2014) (29 U.S.C. 793).

Science Research Associates: Chicago.Herod, Andrew (2000), Implications of Just-In-Time Production for Union Strategy: Lessons from the 1998 General Motors-United Auto Workers Dispute.

Against the backdrop of important economic and political developments in the US this paper describes and analyzes the historical relationship between GM and the Union of Automobile Workers (UAW) from the talked Flint sit-down strike in 1936/1937 until de bankruptcy of GM in 2009.

Fact is that the Flint sit-down strike resulted in the recognition as the sole workers bargaining party at the GM company level of the at the time newly formed Union of Automobile Workers (UAW-CIO).

ABSTRACTParadise Lost RevisitedGM & The UAW in Historical Perspective Erik de GierResearch paper PurposeAnalysis of historic relationship between GM and Union of Automobile Workers (UAW) from 1936 through the moment of bankruptcy of GM in 2009.

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Workers. Compensation Claim" means any Claim (a) for benefits under a state-mandated workers' compensation system, that a past, present, or future employee of the Debtors and their predecessors is receiving, or may in the future have a right to receive, and/or (b) reimbursement brought by any insurance company as a result of payments made to or for the benefit of such employees and fees and expenses incurred under any insurance policies covering such employee claims.
Workers compensation fee schedule" means a state mandated schedule of maximum allowable reimbursement levels for health care providers, including hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and inpatient rehabilitation facilities, rendering reasonable and necessary health care services and supplies to an injured employee for a compensable injury pursuant to the Oklahoma workers' compensation laws.
Workers. Compensation Event” shall mean the event, injury, illness or condition giving rise to a workers’ compensation claim with respect to a SpinCo Employee or Former SpinCo Employee.
Workers. Compensation Acts" shall mean Laws that provide for awards to employees and their dependents for employment-related accidents and diseases.
Workers. Compensation Liabilities” means any liabilities or benefit obligations related to workers’ compensation claims and benefits arising under Applicable Law.
Workers compensation benefits” means:
Workers compensation" means workmen's compensation as used in