Flare definition

Flare means a vendor-provided informational sign that, at a minimum, displays the prize structure, the serial number of the sleeve in play, the odds of winning a prize, and the price of the ticket. (3-26-08)
Flare means an open combustor without enclosure or shroud.
Flare or “Flaring” means the controlled combustion of natural gas in a device designed for that purpose.

Examples of Flare in a sentence

  • A listing of all refinery Flaring Process Units, ancillary equipment, and Fuel Gas Systems connected to the Flare for each Covered Flare.

  • Settling Defendants shall keep records sufficient to document compliance with the requirements of this Paragraph any time it uses a Portable Flare.

  • By no later than the applicable date(s) in Appendix C - 2.1, for all operators and supervisors with responsibility and/or oversight for the operation of each Covered Flare as set forth in Appendix C - 2.1, Settling Defendants shall complete training on steam control for each Covered Flare.

  • By no later than the applicable date(s) in AppendixC - 2.1, Settling Defendants shall complete an evaluation of all meters that measure the flow of Sweep Gas and Purge Gas to each Covered Flare and shall upgrade or replace, as necessary, each such meter in order to ensure an acceptable level of control over flow.

  • Settling Defendants shall use best efforts to schedule these maintenance activities during a Scheduled Turnaround of the Flaring Process Units venting to the Covered Flare.

More Definitions of Flare

Flare means a printed or electronic display that bears information relating to the name of the manufacturer or logo, name of the game, card count, cost per play, serial number, number of prizes to be awarded, and specific prize amounts in a deal of instant bingo, pull-tab, seal cards, or electronic pull-tabs.
Flare means an apparatus, device, process, or procedure for the burning of flammable gases or vapors at or near the exit of a stack, flue or vent.
Flare means a combustion device that uses an open flame to burn combustible gases with combustion air provided by uncontrolled ambient air around the flame. This term includes both ground-level and elevated flares. When used as a verb, the term “flare” means to combust vent gas in a flare.
Flare means a piece of heavy paper stock or other material accompanying a pull tab deal that shows at minimum the following about the matching deal:
Flare means a thermal oxidation system using an open,