Burn definition

Burn means to remove one or more cards from the top of the deck or the front of a shoe and place it, or them, in the discard rack.
Burn means any injury or damage to the tissues of the body caused by exposure to any of the following:

Examples of Burn in a sentence

  • The indicative number proposed for the site in the Local Plan is 20 houses and 10 have already been built on the west side of the Yellow Burn.

  • The housing land identified around the Yellow Burn in the Local Plan is no longer available for development as this land would now fall within the 1:200 year flood levels.

  • The Tendered Value which has been accepted by Competent Authority for “Demolition of existing compound wall and making provision of concrete road for diversion of outgoing vehicle at Burn Unit back side gate, AIIMS, Bhubaneswar.”” is Rs /- (Rupees only).NOW, THEREFORE, inconsideration of mutual covenants contained in this Pact, the parties hereby agree as follows and this Pact witnesses as under: - Article - 1 : Commitment of the Principal/Owner.

  • Dated: * Witness: *Signature of Contractor with full Postal Address Address: *Occupation: * (* To be filled in by the Contractor.)SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT Name of Work:Demolition of existing compound wall and making provision of concrete road fordiversion of outgoing vehicle at Burn Unit back side gate, AIIMS, Bhubaneswar.

  • The term ‘‘Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry’’ means the registry es- tablished by the Secretary of Veterans Af- fairs under section 201 of the Dignified Burial and Other Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2012 (Public Law 112–260; 38 U.S.C. 527 note).

More Definitions of Burn

Burn means a card which is removed from the top of the deck by the dealer without exposing its value and placed face down, separate from the discards;
Burn for the purpose of the Policy means a condition which a Physician has determined to be a 3rd degree burn.
Burn means usage and is defined as metered throughput or an estimated quantity such as Minimum Daily Quantity (MinDQ), as defined in Rule No. 1, for customers without automated meters.
Burn means the Dealer removing the top card from the deck before the start of a Round;
Burn means to remove a card from play by placing it in the discard holder;
Burn means the act of placing a card face downward in the discard rack if it is not to be utilized in play in accordance with this rule.
Burn means to remove the top or next card from the deck and place it face down in the discard rack without revealing it to anyone.