Bulky Waste definition

Bulky Waste means business waste or domestic waste which by virtue of its mass, shape, size or quantity is inconvenient to remove in the routine door-to-door council service provided by the council or service provider;
Bulky Waste means construction, demolition and/or land clearing debris.
Bulky Waste means items that can reasonably be lifted by two people, including but not limited

Examples of Bulky Waste in a sentence

  • Levenseat have continued to accept WUDs contaminated with POPs as part of our Bulky Waste Stream.

  • This mixed waste stream is subsequently sent to Levenseat under our Bulky Waste Contract where the material is pre-treated to extract recyclable materials (e.g. metals, wood, glass etc).

  • For clarity Legal services have advised that the new guidance from SEPA constitutes a Change in Law under the terms of our Bulky Waste Contract with Levenseat.

  • Contractor shall ensure that Bulky Waste containing freon, such as refrigerators, freezers and dehumidifiers, are safely dismantled, and hazardous/toxic materials are disposed at an appropriate approved facility.

  • Republic shall institute and carry out for the Term of this Franchise a free Bulky Waste pick- up program for Small Quantity Generators and a limited Bulky Waste pick-up program for Large Quantity Multi-family Generators in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth on Exhibit D attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference.

More Definitions of Bulky Waste

Bulky Waste means waste which can be classified as domestic or business waste but which, by virtue of its mass, shape, size or quantity, cannot easily be accumulated in or removed from an approved container;
Bulky Waste means large items of solid waste such as appliances, furniture, auto parts, stumps, etc.
Bulky Waste means land clearing, demolition and construction debris, discarded machinery and equipment, and other unwanted materials that cannot be feasibly disposed of at resource recovery combustion facilities and landfills as acceptable solid waste because of size or noncombustibility but which can be disposed of at specially permitted and available landfills as determined by the Superintendent.
Bulky Waste means waste which cannot by virtue of its mass, shape, size or quantity be conveniently stored or handled in a waste container, but does not include builder's waste or special domestic waste;
Bulky Waste means a discarded chattel, material or equipment of any kind exceeding 1.2 meters in any dimension or 23 kilograms in weight including but not limited to furniture, appliances, packaging and mattresses.
Bulky Waste means large items of solid waste such as household appli- ances, furniture, large auto parts, trees, branches, stumps, and other oversize wastes whose large size pre- cludes or complicates their handling by normal solid wastes collection, proc- essing, or disposal methods.
Bulky Waste means items with a volume greater than 1.5 m3 and greater than 2.5 m in length.