e-waste definition

e-waste means waste electrical and electronic equipment whole or in part or rejects from their manufacturing, refurbishment and repair process which are intended to be discarded as waste.
e-waste means electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part discarded as waste by the consumer or bulk consumer as well as rejects from manufacturing, refurbishment and repair processes;

Examples of e-waste in a sentence

  • The details of E-Waste for Indore district with respect to action areas, measurable outcome and proposed action required to be taken along with stakeholder are given in Annexure-13.

  • These Rules related to management of Plastic Waste, Bio-Medical Waste, Hazardous Waste, E-Waste, Battery Waste etcB.

  • The E- Waste generated in the area is sent to above authorized industries for further treatment & disposal of E-Waste.

  • The Consentee shall comply with the provisions of the Hazadous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016, as amended to date, the Batteries (Management and Handling )Rules, 2001 as amended to date, Solid Waste Management Rules,2016 and E-Waste (Management) Rules,2016, the Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989, as amended to date, wherever applicable.

  • E-Waste refers to those electronic products that are nearing the end of their useful life.

More Definitions of e-waste

e-waste means discarded electronic equipment including, but not limited to, televisions, computer monitors, central processing units (CPUs), laptop computers, computer peripherals (including external hard drives, keyboards, scanners, and mice), printers, copiers, facsimile machines, radios, stereos, stereo speakers, VCRs, DVDs, camcorders, microwaves, telephones, cellular telephones, and other electronic devices. Some E-Waste or components thereof may be Hazardous Waste or include Hazardous Substances and thus require special handling, Processing, or Disposal.
e-waste means waste electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part, discarded as waste by the generator as well as rejects from manufacturing, refurbishment and repair processes and as may be defined in the E-Waste Management Rules, 2016 amended from time to time.
e-waste means any regulated product that is intended for disposal and not for re-use;
e-waste means Cathode-Ray Tube or flat-panel computer monitors and televisions having a viewable area greater than four inches, measured diagonally; desktop computers; and laptop or portable computers.