Budgeted definition

Budgeted. , in relation to expenditure, means itemised in the estimates of expenditure and voted for in an Appropriation Act;
Budgeted or “Budgeting” shall mean that funds are allocated or appropriated within the Capital Improvement Plan.
Budgeted means those items (goods and services) that have been pre-determined as justifiable expenses by Administration and subsequently approved by Council in the Town of Kindersley Annual Budget following the budgeting process.

Examples of Budgeted in a sentence

  • Explain material differences between Budgeted Expenditures and Estimated Actual Expenditures.

  • Budgeted funds included within the reporting entity are those funds presented in the county's approved annual budget and reported on the quarterly reports submitted to the Department for Local Government.

  • Budgeted FundsThe fiscal court reports the following budgeted funds: General Fund - This is the primary operating fund of the fiscal court.

  • An explanation of material differences between Budgeted Expenditures and Estimated Actual Expenditures and/or Planned Percentages of Improved Services and Estimated Actual Percentages of Improved Services.

  • Records of expenditures must be maintained for each Award by the cost categories of the approved Budget (including indirect costs that are charged to the Award), and actual expenditures are to be compared with Budgeted amounts at least quarterly.

More Definitions of Budgeted

Budgeted means the HPI approved dollars, hours or events for a given task or Project. Build means a process or Service in which professional technical specialists deploy infrastructure or Applications into the HPI environment according to their respective blueprints created during a design phase, following a mutually agreed project and change methodology. Build Requirements means the actions and resources needed to execute the Build of a compute capability or component. Business Continuity means the activity of responding to and recovering business operations following the declaration of a Disaster. Business Continuity Plan has the meaning set forth in Section 26.2(B) of the Agreement.
Budgeted. ’ or ‘‘budget’’ year means a twelve month period subsequent to the current fiscal year;
Budgeted means the unit of local government has, through legal means, authorized the expenditure of dollars within the appropriate department for forestry activities described in the Urban and Community Forestry Management Plan and the Urban and Community
Budgeted distribution to "Actual", below) o The Second Quarter distribution represents o $1,117.00 to $919.00 range of an approximate 6.3% annualized return from distributions per unit from operations based on $22,680,000 the first unit sold to the (estimated net asset value as of 12/31/01). last unit sold before the offering closed (2/90) respectively. (Distributions are from both cash flow from operations and "net" cash activity from financing and investing activities.)
Budgeted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (“EBITDA”) for the Company’s fiscal year. The Company’s Budgeted earnings for each fiscal year shall be established by the Company’s Board of Directors or its designee, in its discretion. The Bonus shall be increased to thirty percent (30%) of Executive’s Base Salary if Company achieves 110% of its budgeted EBITDA and shall be increased to thirty-five percent (35%) of Executive’s Base Salary if Company achieves 120% of its budgeted EBITDA. A portion of the projected Bonus that would be paid to Executive for a given fiscal year of the Company, provided the Company achieved its Budgeted earnings for such year, shall be paid to Executive as soon as practicable after the Company’s Form 10-Q is filed for each fiscal quarter of such fiscal year, provided Company is on target to achieve its Budgeted earnings for such year. The cumulative portion of the Executive’s Bonus that would be paid to Executive after the end of each fiscal quarter provided the Company is on target to achieve its Budgeted earnings, is as follows: (i) at end of first fiscal quarter, 12.5% of Bonus; (ii) at end of second fiscal quarter, 30% of Bonus; (iii) at end of third fiscal quarter, 52.5% of Bonus; and (iv) at end of the fourth fiscal quarter, 77.5% of Bonus. If Executive receives projected Bonus payments under (i) through (iv) above that are either in excess of or less than the Bonus to which he is ultimately determined to be entitled for such year based upon the Company’s Form 10-K, Executive shall return such excess to Company, or Company shall pay Executive the additional amount to which he is entitled, as the case may be, within thirty (30) days after the filing of the Company’s Form 10-K for such fiscal year.
Budgeted rather “Actual” values are used for each departmental budget. The budget data is comprised of the following budget lines for each department: 710713 (Equip Maintenance); 710743 (Transportation); 710791 (Lab Supplies); 710795 (General Consumables); 710798 (Micro Supplies); 730800 (New Equipment); 730805 (Replacement Equipment). Three-year budget totals are translated into a Resource Management variable value in the range of 0-10, as described in Section C above.