Bayshore definition

Bayshore means Bayshore Holdings Limited, a Bermuda exempted company now known as StarStone Specialty Holdings Limited.
Bayshore means Bayshore Minerals Incorporated, the Company that amalgamated with Subco as part of the Amalgamation;
Bayshore has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

Examples of Bayshore in a sentence

  • Preliminary design drawings prepared by Bayshore Design, LLC and Wilson Engineers, LLC, which were used to prepare the construction cost estimate, are included in the attached grant application (Attachment B).

  • Clam beds are found within Alamitos Bay, primarily in the mid-to-low tide zone of sandy beaches and shallow subtidal habitats along the Peninsula, Bayshore Avenue, End Beach, Jack Dunster Marine Life Preserve, Mothers Beach and the inlet inshore of Basin 6-N on the Cerritos Channel.1 The most common species present are primarily Japanese littleneck clams, and cockles, and secondarily, jackknife clams.

  • South Bayshore Update: At the January MSTU meeting, an area resident mentioned that South Bayshore needs some attention.

  • Beaches along the Alamitos Bay Peninsula, Bayshore Avenue, and at Mothers Beach are groomed whereas the other sandy shorelines are not.

  • Landscape Update: Ground Zero performed scheduled landscape maintenance in the Bayshore MSTU.

  • Sand beach habitat is found along the Alamitos Bay Peninsula and Bayshore Avenue, at Mothers Beach, End Beach in the Marine Stadium, and within the Cerritos Channel (Jack Dunster Marine Life Preserve).

  • Bayshore Creek is a tributary to the tidal Caloosahatchee River that is currently part of a Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) to meet the Total Nitrogen Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL).

  • Add: Goal 4: “Actively promote the CRA office as the Bayshore / Gateway informational and visitor center.Goal 4: Objective 1.1 “Inform and promote the redevelopment area”.

  • See In re Bayshore Ford Trucks Sales, Inc., 471 F.3d 1233, 1246 (11th Cir.

  • Bar No. 29783) 2601 South Bayshore Drive15th Floor Miami, FL (305) 439-5008 Derek L.

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