Availability Credit definition

Availability Credit means the remedy IBM will provide for a validated Claim. The Availability Credit will be applied in the form of a credit or discount against a future invoice of subscription charges for the Service.
Availability Credit means the compensation IBM will provide for a validated Claim. The Availability Credit will be applied in the form of a credit against a future invoice for the Cloud Service if acquired directly from IBM. If the Cloud Service is acquired from an IBM Business Partner, then IBM will make a rebate directly available to Client.
Availability Credit means an agreed to amount of Client's MRC for services purchased, with the exception of professional services, application services and support services. "Authorized Program Analysis Report Process (APAR)" shall be defined as the process by which a Client will request modifications to the Service and DI shall communicate the effort required to implement such requested modifications.

Examples of Availability Credit in a sentence

  • For each valid Claim, IBM will apply the highest applicable Availability Credit based on the achieved Service Level during each ContractedMonth, as shown on the table below.

  • IBM will not be liable for multiple Availability Credits for the same Event in the same Contracted Month.d. For Bundled Service (individual IBM SaaS packaged and sold together for a single combined price), the Availability Credit will be calculated based on the single combined monthly price for the Bundled Service, and not the monthly subscription fee for each individual IBM SaaS.

More Definitions of Availability Credit

Availability Credit has the meaning set forth on Exhibit D.
Availability Credit means an amount equal to five percent (5%) of monthly recurring charges for Managed Hosting Services. Such credits are available when the services provided for the affected devices are less than the Monthly Availability Percentage.

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