Attending definition

Attending means participating in an approved activity or course.
Attending means a physician who has completed medical or surgical residency and is either
Attending means a physician who has completed medical or surgical residency and is either eligible to take boards in a specialty area or is boarded in a specialty.

Examples of Attending in a sentence

  • Attending any such pre-proposal conference is optional and is at the Consultants' expense.

  • Attending teams will be notified no later than the Monday before the meet.NOTE: If the host is required to institute the published cut protocol above.

  • The additional information requested may be a physical examination, paramedical exam, or an Attending Physician Report.

  • Attending a conference, giving a speech, or serving as an honorary chairperson does not connote sponsorship.

  • The DSL is responsible for: • Attending and arranging, where necessary, any safeguarding meetings that occur during the remote learning period.

More Definitions of Attending

Attending means the physician, advanced practice registered
Attending means enrolled in a job training or educational program as defined by the institution, agency, or business that sponsors the program.
Attending means an independent licensed practitioner who is a physician, podiatrist, or dentist, has appropriate hospital credentials to treat patients admitted to the Hospital, and is actively involved in the care of a patient.
Attending means registered or enrolled at the institution of learning or training and attending classes.
Attending means that you have been invited to a meeting and have received an email from a host and will need to press the links within the message to attend a meeting.
Attending. , in relation to a provider, means complying with the provider’s attendance requirements in the relevant way stated in section 10(2) or (3);
Attending means the presence of a person at a Meeting who is not a Member and who shall be Present by specific invitation of the Chair of the Meeting or as defined by the Terms of Reference.