Ascertainable definition

Ascertainable means ascertainable as at the date of the disposition to the satisfaction of the Commissioner:
Ascertainable means ‘capable of being ascertained or found out’.86 Community data is such data whose source and/or subject exists out there in the community, and access to which is public and generally unhindered.87 This is almost definitionally so, as describing what all data comprises community data. Such community data and its publicly-accessible sources/subjects can be contrasted with what may lie inside

Examples of Ascertainable in a sentence

  • Ascertainable costs and damages incurred by the Agency resulting from the failure to complete the work by the Completion Date, including, but not limited to supervision, engineering, inspection, incidental and overhead expenses directly related to the Contract.

  • Impacts of measures taken at (a) and (b) for reduction of enegry consumption and consequent Impact on the cost of Production of Goods : Not Ascertainable.

  • Any person may serve as an advisor.(b) "Ascertainable standard" means that term as defined in section 7103 of the estates and protected individuals code, 1998 PA 386, MCL 700.7103.(c) "Claim" means a right to payment, whether or not the right is reduced to judgment, liquidated, unliquidated, fixed, contingent, matured, unmatured, disputed, undisputed, legal, equitable, secured, or unsecured.

  • For each chemical substance at each site, the submitter must report as many physical forms as applicable from the following six physical forms:• Dry Powder• Pellets or Large Crystals• Water- or Solvent-Wet Solid• Other Solid• Gas or Vapor• LiquidYou can select “Not Known or Reasonably Ascertainable (NKRA)” if the physical form of the chemical substance is not known to or reasonably ascertainable by you.

  • Plaintiffs’ class-wide claims are contained in counts 1 through 6 of their Complaint, entitled: (1) Due Process: Lack of Ascertainable, Non-Arbitrary Standards; (2) Due Process: Lack of Fair Hearing; (3) Due Process: Inadequate Notice; (4) Equal Protection: Arbitrary, Irrational, and Disparate Budget Decisions; (5) Violation of Medicaid Act Budget Methodology Requirements– 42 U.S.C. § 1983; and (6) Violation of Medicaid Act Budget Methodology Requirements – Supremacy Clause (hereafter “class-wide claims”).

  • Any individual, if the dates of service of the veteran to be memorialized, or on whose service the eligibility of another individual for memorialization is based, ended prior to April 6, 1917.(2) Ascertainable.

  • TEA MANUFACTURED—-—- 6791608—- 5820750Current Year Previous year Unit Kgs ValueRs. UnitKgsValueRs.a. Licensed CapacityNot Ascertainable —- Not Ascertainable—-b.

  • Ascertainable or ascertained defects must be reported to pro aqua within 14 days of delivery or discovery.

  • Ascertainable costs and damages incurred by the Agency resulting from the failure to complete the work by the Completion Date, including, but not limited to, supervision, engineering, inspection, incidental, and overhead expenses directly related to this Agreement.

  • Litigations filed by our Company Type of casesNumber of casesNature of disputeApproximate Amount Ascertainable (in ` lacs)Consumer Cases 4 Cases with respect to quality of seeds.

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Ascertainable means ascertainable as at the date of the
Ascertainable has been given a fairly broad meaning. Although a rent at the discretion of one of the parties is not an ascertainable rent, the courts have held that quite complicated provisions of a lease which do not specify a monetary sum to be paid, but set out lengthy procedures for the calculation of rent, nonetheless specify an “ascertainable” rent.

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  • Ascertainable standard means a standard relating to an individual's health, education, support, or maintenance within the meaning of section 2041(b)(1)(A) or 2514(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Readily retrievable means that records maintained in accordance with this division shall be kept in such a manner that, upon request, they can be produced for review no later than three business days to an agent, officer or inspector of the Board.

  • Easily cleanable means that surfaces are readily accessible and made of such materials and finish and so fabricated that residue may be effectively removed by normal cleaning methods.

  • protected species means any of the following animals:

  • Readily accessible means areas within the interior of the dwelling unit available for observation at

  • Unrestricted area means an area to which access is neither limited nor controlled by the licensee or registrant. For purposes of these rules, “uncontrolled area” is an equivalent term.

  • measure means any measure by a Party, whether in the form of a law, regulation, rule, procedure, decision, administrative action, or any other form;

  • Receiving property means real property within which sound originating from sources outside the property is received.

  • Can means there is a discretion as to whether the thing stated is done or not done; and

  • Protected Parties means the following Persons: (a) the Debtors; (b) Reorganized BSA; (c) the Related Non- Debtor Entities; (d) the Local Councils; (e) the Contributing Chartered Organizations; (f) the Settling Insurance Companies, including Hartford; and (g) all of such Persons’ Representatives; provided, however, that no Perpetrator is or shall be a Protected Party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Contributing Chartered Organization shall be a Protected Party with respect to Abuse Claims only as set forth in the definition of “Abuse Claim.”

  • Sustainable means to create and maintain conditions, under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic, and other requirements of present and future generations of Americans; and

  • Explosives or munitions emergency means a situation involving the suspected or detected presence of unexploded ordnance (UXO), damaged or deteriorated explosives or munitions, an improvised explosive device (IED), other potentially explosive material or device, or other potentially harmful military chemical munitions or device, that creates an actual or potential imminent threat to human health, including safety, or the environment, including property, as determined by an explosives or munitions emergency response specialist. Such situations may require immediate and expeditious action by an explosives or munitions emergency response specialist to control, mitigate, or eliminate the threat.

  • Vulnerable adult means any person 18 years of age or older who: (1) is a resident or inpatient of a facility; (2) receives services required to be licensed under Minn. Stat. Ch. 245A, except as excluded under Minn. Stat. § 626.5572, Subd. 21(a)(2); (3) receives services from a licensed home care provider or person or organization that offers, provides, or arranges for personal care assistance services under the medical assistance program; or (4) regardless of residence or type of service received possesses a physical or mental infirmity or other physical, mental, or emotional dysfunction that impairs the individual’s ability to adequately provide the person’s own care without assistance or supervision and, because of the dysfunction or infirmity and need for care or services, has an impaired ability to protect the individual’s self from maltreatment.

  • Airborne radioactivity area means a room, enclosure, or area in which airborne radioactive materials, composed wholly or partly of licensed radioactive material, exist in concentrations: