Approved Stock Exchange definition

Approved Stock Exchange means The International Stock Exchange of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Limited (including the Unlisted Security Market of the International Stock Exchange), the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange and the National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotation System of the United States of America;

Examples of Approved Stock Exchange in a sentence

These confirmations can be provided to you either in writing, electronically (email), by fax or as otherwise permitted by an Approved Stock Exchange.

The PubCo Class A Shares and the RMG II Adjusted Warrants shall have been approved for (i) clearing through DTC (subject to the DTC’s customary eligibility criteria) and (ii) listing on an Approved Stock Exchange (subject only to notice of issuance).

The original copy of the signed SNDAF shall be maintained in the CA’s records and a copy shall be provided to theC FO, t o the Authorising Officer and, unless the CAO is the most senior official, to the mostsenior official of the CA.

You acknowledge and accept that: a all orders placed outside Normal Trading Hours will not be executed by us until commencement of the next Business Day b in certain circumstances your order may be partially filled over more than one day, and c if your order is filled over more than one day it will be executed at the price available on the either ASX, Chi-X or an Approved Stock Exchange (subject to any limit imposed by you).

If it is consistent with Argonaut Securities' duties to act in your best interests and the achievement of best execution of your Order, Argonaut Securities reserves the right to execute your Order through an Approved Stock Exchange other than ASX.

More Definitions of Approved Stock Exchange

Approved Stock Exchange means a stock exchange listed in Schedule 4;
Approved Stock Exchange means the Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange or any other national securities exchange on which any of the Common Stock of the Company is listed.
Approved Stock Exchange means a stock exchange approved under section 26 of the Capital Markets Authority Act and includes an interim stock trading facility approved under section 89 of that Act;
Approved Stock Exchange means a stock exchange approved under section 9 of the Stock Exchange Act 1995;
Approved Stock Exchange means (a) a recognised stock market; or (b) any stock exchange established in a place outside Hong Kong that is declared by the MPFA by notice published in the Gazette to be an approved stock exchange for the purposes of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (General) Regulation, as amended or supplemented from time to time.
Approved Stock Exchange means the Nasdaq Stock Market (“Nasdaq”) or any other national securities exchange that may be agreed upon by the Parties.