Recognized Stock Exchange definition

Recognized Stock Exchange means any stock exchange agreed upon by the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties;
Recognized Stock Exchange means an EEA Regulated Market or another regulated, regularly operating, recognized stock exchange or securities market in an OECD member state.
Recognized Stock Exchange referred to above means any of the recognized Stock Exchanges in which the equity shares of the Company are listed and in which the highest trading volume in respect of the equity shares of the Company has been recorded during the preceding 26 weeks prior to the Relevant Date.

Examples of Recognized Stock Exchange in a sentence

  • Simultaneously with providing a Redemption Notice, the Company shall publish, or shall cause to be published, a notice containing the information set forth in such Redemption Notice on Avadel’s website or through such other public medium as Avadel may use at that time and shall file the publication with the Recognized Stock Exchange on which the Notes are then listed so long as the Notes are so listed on a Recognized Stock Exchange.

More Definitions of Recognized Stock Exchange

Recognized Stock Exchange means the CSE or, if the Common Shares are not listed on the CSE, any other national securities exchange or market on which the Common Shares are then listed and posted for trading;
Recognized Stock Exchange means a recognized stock exchange as defined in section 1005 of the U.K. Income Tax Act 2007 as the same may be amended from time to time and any provision, statute or statutory instrument replacing the same from time to time.
Recognized Stock Exchange means any market for the buying and selling of securities which is situate in, and recognized as, a stock exchange within the meaning of the law relating to stock exchanges of –
Recognized Stock Exchange means a stock exchange licensed under the Stock Exchanges Control Act, 1985 (Act No. 1 of 1985), or a stock exchange outside the Republic recognized by the registrar for the purposes of this Act;
Recognized Stock Exchange means a regulated regularly operating, recognized stock exchange or securities market in an OECD member state.