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  • The Directors in their absolute discretion and without assigning any reason therefor may decline to register any transfer of a share which is not fully paid provided that the Directors shall not refuse to register any transfer or renunciation of partly paid shares which are listed or dealt in on any Approved Market on the grounds that they are partly paid shares in circumstances where such refusal would prevent dealings in such shares from taking place on an open and proper basis.

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Approved Market means any market operated by any of Euronext Dublin, the London Stock Exchange plc (or such body or bodies as may succeed to their respective functions) and any other stock and/or investment exchange(s) which may be approved at any time by the board of Directors for the purpose of listing any shares in the Company on such exchange(s);
Approved Market shall have the meaning provided in Section 2(c)(i).
Approved Market means, if the Ordinary Common Stock is then listed or quoted on the New York Stock Exchange, The NASDAQ Stock Market or the American Stock Exchange, such market or exchange.