Appointment definition

Appointment means the appointment of any Seller to act in a Corporate Trust Capacity under any of the Corporate Trust Contracts of the Business.
Appointment means a period of time during which a Purchaser has requested interpreting services. One (1) Appointment may span multiple consecutive Business Days. Specific types of Appointments are defined below.
Appointment means, in relation to a reporting issuer, the earlier of

Examples of Appointment in a sentence

  • Appointment or promotion to the rank of professor is based on evidence of sustained excellence in teaching.

  • Regular Appointment - The authorized appointment of an individual to a position in the Civil Service.

  • Appointment or promotion to the rank of professor is based on evidence of an outstanding record as a scholar or creative artist.

  • No 58 Clause 18.1 (Appointment of FM Subcontractor) Entire contents of paras (l) and (m) are redacted 32(1)(d) overriding public interest against disclosure.

  • If applicable, check [ ]: Appointment subject to receipt and continuation of sufficient funds to support this appointment (__________ grant or self-support account number).

More Definitions of Appointment

Appointment means the act of filling a civil service position.
Appointment means the Instrument of Appointment dated 24 August, 1989 under Sections 11 and 14 of the Water Act 1989 (as varied from time to time) appointing United Utilities Water Limited as a water undertaker and sewerage undertaker;
Appointment means the placement of an employee in a position by initial hire, promotion, transfer, demotion or reduction.
Appointment means an offer by an appointing authority to a qualified person of employment in a classified position and the acceptance of such offer.
Appointment means the employment of a person in a position. Types of appointment include:
Appointment means the employment of the Executive under the terms of this agreement;