Removal definition

Removal means a removal for disciplinary reasons from the student’s current educational placement other than a suspension and change in placement to an interim alternative educational setting (IAES) ordered by an impartial hearing officer because the student poses a risk of harm to himself or herself or others.
Removal means the physical removal of a product from its point of use to some other location for repair, modification, adjustment, relabeling, destruction, or inspection.
Removal means a removal of a student with a disability for disciplinary reasons from his or her current educational placement, other than a suspension; and a change in the placement of a student with a disability to an IAES.

Examples of Removal in a sentence

Removal and disposal of such waste materials, rubbish, and other debris shall conform to applicable Laws and Regulations.

Termination and Removal: Remove each temporary facility when need for its service has ended, when it has been replaced by authorized use of a permanent facility, or no later than Substantial Completion.

Removal, transport, and disposal of the UST shall be according to the applicable portions of the latest revision of the "American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice 1604".

If no such successor shall have been so appointed by the Required Lenders and shall have accepted such appointment within 30 days (or such earlier day as shall be agreed by the Required Lenders) (the “Removal Effective Date”), then such removal shall nonetheless become effective in accordance with such notice on the Removal Effective Date.

Removal of short term pavement markings will be paid for at the contract unit price per square foot (square meter) for SHORT TERM PAVEMENT MARKING REMOVAL.

More Definitions of Removal

Removal means any form of prevention, mitigation or elimination of the hazard created by a wreck. “Remove”, “removed” and “removing” shall be construed accordingly.
Removal. ’ in relation to goods, means—
Removal. ’ in relation to goods, means-
Removal means a reduction in the amount of a pollutant in the POTW’s effluent or alteration of the nature of a pollutant during treatment at the POTW. The reduction or alteration can be obtained by physical, chemical or biological means and may be the result of specifically designed POTW capabili- ties or may be incidental to the oper- ation of the treatment system. Re- moval as used in this subpart shall not mean dilution of a pollutant in the POTW.
Removal means a physical transfer other than by evaporation, loss, or destruction. A physical transfer to a transport truck or other means of conveyance outside the terminal transfer system is complete upon delivery into the means of conveyance.
Removal means the release of all or a portion of the Leased Property from the leasehold hereof as provided in Section 3.06 hereof.
Removal means manual, mechanical, chemical or metallurgic handling with the result that hazardous substances, mixtures and components are contained in an identifiable stream or are an identifiable part of a stream within the treatment process. A substance, mixture or component is identifiable if it can be monitored to verify environmentally safe treatment;