Removal definition

Removal means a removal for disciplinary reasons from the student’s current educational placement other than a suspension and change in placement to an interim alternative educational setting (IAES) ordered by an impartial hearing officer because the student poses a risk of harm to himself or herself or others.
Removal means a removal of a student with a disability for disciplinary reasons from his or her current educational placement, other than a suspension; and a change in the placement of a student with a disability to an IAES.
Removal means the physical removal of a product from its point of use to some other location for repair, modification, adjustment, relabeling, destruction, or inspection.

Examples of Removal in a sentence

  • Section 6.10 Resignation and Removal; Appointment of Successor Trustee.

  • Removal and replacement of any Contractor’s personnel as used in this Article shall not require the termination and/or demotion of such Contractor’s personnel.

  • ROADWAY DESIGN Horizontal Alignment Data Sheet 8 8 16 32 Removal Plan Sheets 4 16 16 60 96 Roadway Plan & Profile Sheets 20 80 180 160 440 Cross Street Plan & Profile Sheets 4 56 100 80 240 Intersection Layout Sheets 4 72 44 72 192 Driveway Profiles / Details / Summary 4 24 40 32 100 Miscellaneous Roadway Details 4 16 24 20 64 Roadway Cross Sections 10 100 160 40 310 Retaining Wall Layouts 10 80 80 120 290 Assembly of Roadway Standards 8 8 16 D.

  • Changes Shown as Follows: Text to be added – underlinedText to be deleted – strike-through 6COW Packet 11.6.23 MEMORANDUMDepartment of Public works TO: Matthew Alexander, City ManagerFROM: Christopher Gross, Director of Public WorksDATE: November 2, 2023RE: Request to go out to Bid – Ice & Snow Removal The Department of Public Works would like to go out to bid for Ice and Snow Removal services on residential and commercial Properties.

  • Retain a minimum of 15 leave trees (Bl 20-25cm dbh) per hectare.3) Overstory Removal – remove the largest, windthrow-prone trees, retain a specified number of healthy merchantable stems under a specified diameter (target 800-1000sph).

More Definitions of Removal

Removal means any form of prevention, mitigation or elimination of the hazard created by a wreck. “Remove”, “removed” and “removing” shall be construed accordingly.
Removal means an exclusion from a classroom for all or part of a single class period, provided such exclusion shall not extend beyond ninety minutes.
Removal means a reduction in the amount of a pollutant in the POTW’s effluent or alteration of the nature of a pollutant during treatment at the POTW. The reduction or alteration can be obtained by physical, chemical or biological means and may be the result of specifically designed POTW capabili- ties or may be incidental to the oper- ation of the treatment system. Re- moval as used in this subpart shall not mean dilution of a pollutant in the POTW.
Removal. in relation to goods, means-
Removal means a physical transfer other than by evaporation, loss, or destruction. A physical
Removal. in relation to goods, means—
Removal and “Remedial Action” shall have the respective meanings assigned to such terms under Sections 101(23)-101(25) of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, as amended by the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act, 42 U.S.C. 9601(23)-9601(25).