Appointment Date definition

Appointment Date shall have the meaning specified in Section 9.02(a).
Appointment Date shall have the meaning specified in Section 6.01.
Appointment Date means 27 September 2020;

Examples of Appointment Date in a sentence

  • LimitedRelevant Duty *PositionDate of Appointment/ Date AdvisedRelevant Interest *Disclosed Personal Interests PersonRelevant Duty owed to Host-Plus Pty.

  • Within 15 days of the Appointment Date, the Trustee shall (i) publish a notice in an Authorized Newspaper that an Insolvency Event or violation has occurred and that the Trustee intends to sell, dispose of or otherwise liquidate the Receivables on commercially reasonable terms and in a commercially reasonable manner and (ii) give notice to Investor Certificateholders describing the provisions of this Section and requesting instructions from such Holders.

  • In the event that the Calculation Agent appoints a Quotation Calculation Agent pursuant to paragraph (b) above, the Quotation Calculation Agent shall attempt to obtain Full Quotations with respect to the Quotation Calculation Agent Appointment Date from five or more Dealers.

  • On the Appointment Date each Authorising Member is regarded as having irrevocably appointed the Company as the Member's attorney to sell all the Member's Unmarketable Holding.

  • Authorised Price means the price per share of the shares of an Unmarketable Holding equal to the simple average of the last sale prices of the shares quoted on ASX for each of the 10 trading days immediately preceding the Appointment Date.

More Definitions of Appointment Date

Appointment Date means, in respect of:
Appointment Date has the meaning set forth in Section 6.4; “Arbitration Act” means the Arbitration Act (Newfoundland and Labrador); “Arbitration Notice” has the meaning set forth in Section 5.1(a); “Arbitration Procedure” means the provisions of Section 5;
Appointment Date means the time the persons designated by Purchaser have been elected to, and shall constitute a majority of, the Company Board of Directors pursuant to Section 1.3.
Appointment Date means the date that a New Director first joins the Board as a Non-Employee Director, provided such date is not an Annual Meeting Date.
Appointment Date. – shall mean the date that a written communication of award of the contract by ERWAT was issued to the SERVICE PROVIDER.
Appointment Date means the date of appointment of an employee by a traffic law enforcement authority;
Appointment Date shall have the meaning specified in Section 8.02.