Altercation definition

Altercation means a heated or angry dispute involving pushing, shoving, slapping, or hitting by a City employee.

Examples of Altercation in a sentence

  • Physical Altercation - The act of participating in a physical altercation on school property, at any school-related activity, or going to or from school.

  • Physical Altercation between the Parent and Staff Member (including Director).

  • Verbal Altercation - Any argument involving inappropriate language, threats of violence, may include minor physical contact.

  • Verbal Altercation - Participating in a verbal argument with another person on school property, at any school-related activity, or going to or from school.

  • Track progress of investigation and intervention on the Student-On-Student Altercation Response Chart to ensure that all important actions are taken.

  • Dispute or Altercation Between Participants In the event a conflict arises, either the driver or bookkeeper should attempt to resolve it as soon as possible.

  • Track progress of investigation and intervention on theStudent-On-Student Altercation Response Chart to ensure that all important actions are taken.

  • Physical Altercation and Anti-Bullying Policy: If a child intentionally causes physical harm to another child, Camp Staff, facility or vehicle he/she may be dismissed from for a minimum of the remainder of the camp day.

  • I understand that, as a participant, parent, and/or spectator, my child and I are responsible to the Division of Parks and Recreation for our actions as related to participation in this sports activity in accordance with the Physical/Verbal Altercation Policy and playing rules.

  • Profanity and Vulgarity/Verbal Altercation Involving Staff: Swearing, cursing, making obscene gestures or using hate speech toward staff.

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  • Configuration means State-specific changes made to the Software without Source Code or structural data model changes occurring.

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  • Upgrade means a major version upgrade of any Platform software.

  • Implementation Services has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.

  • Interoperability means the ability of a Qwest OSS Function to process seamlessly (i.e., without any manual intervention) business transactions with CLEC's OSS application, and vice versa, by means of secure exchange of transaction data models that use data fields and usage rules that can be received and processed by the other Party to achieve the intended OSS Function and related response. (See also Electronic Bonding.)

  • Hosting means the act of providing service and access to Client Content by the Internet.

  • Data Center(s) means the site or sites at which the Software will be hosted to provide the Authorized Services to Customers. Such site or sites shall at all times be owned or controlled by the Provider.

  • Data Center means the location where the production instance of the Cloud Service is hosted for the Customer in its region, as published at: xxxx:// company/policies/data-privacy-and-security/location-of-data-center.html or notified to Customer or otherwise agreed in an Order Form.

  • Interconnection Service Agreement means an agreement among the Transmission Provider, an Interconnection Customer and an Interconnected Transmission Owner regarding interconnection under Tariff, Part IV and Tariff, Part VI.

  • Prepaid wireless telecommunications service means a wireless communications service that provides the right to utilize mobile wireless service as well as other nontelecommunications services, including the download of digital products delivered electronically, content and ancillary services, which must be paid for in advance, and that is sold in predetermined units or dollars of which the amount declines with use in a known amount.

  • Continuous parameter monitoring system (CPMS means all of the equipment necessary to meet the data acquisition and availability requirements of the Prevention of Significant Deterioration program, to monitor process and control device operational parameters (for example, control device secondary voltages and electric currents) and other information (for example, gas flow rate, O2 or CO2 concentrations), and to record average operational parameter value(s) on a continuous basis.

  • Distribution Services means the service of distribution, as defined in section 5 of the Act;

  • Construction Service Agreement means either an Interconnection Construction Service Agreement or an Upgrade Construction Service Agreement.

  • Alteration means the marking, changing or altering in a material way of the terms, meaning or legal effect of a document with the intent to deceive.

  • Area network means a type of electric distribution system served by multiple transformers interconnected in an electrical network circuit, which is generally used in large metropolitan areas that are densely populated, in order to provide highly reliable service. Area network has the same meaning as the term "distribution secondary grid network" found in institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE) standard 1547 sub clause 4.1.4.

  • Service Location means a location at which a member obtains a covered service provided by a physician or other licensed practitioner of the healing arts under the terms of a contract.

  • Interconnection Service(s means any Interconnection, Resale Services, 251(c)(3) UNEs, Collocation, functions, facilities, products or services offered under this Agreement.

  • Mobile telecommunications service means the same as that term is defined in Section 124(7) of Public Law 106-252 (Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act).

  • public telecommunications network means the public telecommunications infrastructure which enables signals to be conveyed between defined network termination points by wire, by microwave, by optical means or by other electromagnetic means;

  • Service Session means a sequence of support activities and tasks carried out remotely to collect further information by interview or by analysis of a Production System resulting in a list of recommendations. A Service Session could run manually, as a self-service or fully automated.

  • Construction Services means either of the following for construction-manager-at-risk, design-build and job-order-contracting project delivery methods:

  • Generation Service means the sale of electricity, including ancillary services such as the provision of reserves, to a Customer by a Competitive Supplier.

  • Interconnection Service means the physical and electrical interconnection of the Customer Facility with the Transmission System pursuant to the terms of Tariff, Part IV and Tariff, Part VI and the Interconnection Service Agreement entered into pursuant thereto by Interconnection Customer, the Interconnected Transmission Owner and Transmission Provider. Interconnection Service Agreement: