Airport Board definition

Airport Board means the Jackson Hole Airport Board, created by joint Teton County Resolution and Town Ordinance No. 109 (codified as Chapter 2.36 of this code). (Ord. 923 § 2, 2009; Ord. 175 § 1, 1975.
Airport Board means the Board of Directors of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (formerly known as the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport).
Airport Board means the duly appointed airport advisory body of the cities of

Examples of Airport Board in a sentence

  • The Airport Board reserves the right to reject the participation of a certified firm for credit towards meeting the Contract goal, in its sole discretion.

  • The Contractor shall insert an Article containing all of the provisions of this Section, including this paragraph, in all subcontracts hereunder, except altered as necessary for the proper identification of the contracting parties and the Airport Board under this Contract.

  • For purposes of these Provisions, a Contractor is one who seeks to do business with the Airport Board by submission of a bid or proposal on any such contract or subcontract.

  • Failure by the Contractor to carry out these requirements is a material breach of this Contract, which may result in the termination of this Contract or such other remedy, as the Airport Board deems appropriate.

  • No Contractor that has received payment of an undisputed amount from the Airport Board may withhold from any subcontractor its undisputed appropriate share of such payment.

  • It is Airport Board policy that all Contractor invoices in compliance with Contract payment terms and conditions be paid within 30 days of receipt.

  • All Contractors must comply with the Texas Prompt Pay Act (Chapter 2251; Texas Government Code) paying all sums, including retainage withheld from subcontractors, to subcontractors, subconsultants, vendors, materialmen, suppliers and similar persons or entities, including paying such persons or entities within 10 days of receiving payment from the Airport Board their appropriate share of such payment.

  • No Contractor may withhold retainage from any subcontractor at a higher percentage rate than retainage is withheld by the Airport Board from Contractor.

  • In an effort to remove the race- and gender-neutral barrier of the length of time for subcontractor payments on Airport Board procurements, the Airport Board has an Expedited Payment Policy for eligible Contractors that may elect to voluntarily participate in.

  • It is the policy of the Airport Board to ensure non-discrimination in the award and administration of Airport Board Contracts.

More Definitions of Airport Board

Airport Board is defined in Section 12.14.
Airport Board means the Madison County Airport Board.
Airport Board means the Medicine Bow Airport Board established in accordance with § 3.5.102 of this chapter;
Airport Board means the Kayenta Airport Board which is the advisory body of the Kayenta Airport, appointed by Kayenta Township.
Airport Board. – means the Ector County Airport Advisory Board (composed of six members, five being appointed by the County Judge and Commissioners Court and the sixth by said Court appointed members), which serves to advise the Court on all matters affecting the Airport. All activities of the Airport Manager and staff, the Fixed Base Operator(s) and employees, tenants and the general public will be monitored by the Airport Board.
Airport Board means the duly appointed airport advisory body of the Logan-Cache Airport Authority.

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