joint board definition

joint board means the Townsville-Thuringowa Water Supply Joint Board.
joint board for both the pilot area and the Xxxxxx Xxxx
joint board means the board provided in section 471.59.

Examples of joint board in a sentence

  • All such assignments shall be made in accordance with the procedural rules of the National Joint Board.

  • Jurisdictional disputes with other trades which cannot be resolved at a Local level will be referred to the National Joint Board.

  • The Pension Plan shall be administered by a Joint Board of Trustees in accordance with the Trust Agreement jointly developed by CUPE, ATSU, CSU and COPE Local 491.

  • In the meantime, work will continue as assigned by the Employer until otherwise changed by decision of the Joint Board or the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

  • The details of the Health and Security Plan established by this Trust Fund and this Trust Fund itself shall continue to be controlled and administered by a Joint Board of Trustees composed of equal representation of labor and management who are signators to the Trust Agreement of the aforesaid Trust Fund.

More Definitions of joint board

joint board means a joint technical education district governing
joint board means a board created under Section 22.074, Transportation Code, whose constituent agencies are populous home-rule municipalities as defined by Section 22.071, Transportation Code.
joint board means a legal entity established or designated in an agreement between two or more contiguous counties or incorporated cities pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 28E.
joint board means a body corporate, constituted for the purposes of a combination of local authorities under this Act or by or under any other enactment, consisting exclusively of persons appointed by the local authorities;
joint board means the body by that name established under an interlocal agreement among the states' parties regarding the completion and administration of the Ohio River bridges.
joint board means a joint board established in accordance with the regulations by a board of education and one or more other parties for the purposes of administering the affairs of a school, program or service in accordance with the agreement between the parties; (« commission conjointe »)
joint board means the board created pursuant to Section 4 of the Interlocal Agreement that is composed of representatives of the City and the University.