Affected definition

Affected means persons, baggage, cargo, containers, conveyances, goods, postal parcels or human remains that are infected or contaminated, or carry sources of infection or contamination, so as to constitute a public health risk;
Affected means influenced in some way. For time constrained items such as tests, examinations, and presentations “affected” may be inability to attend any or all of the event, or diminished performance; for other items it may be the inability to meet deadlines, or diminished performance within deadlines.

Examples of Affected in a sentence

  • Affected property and business owners were also sent the agenda and several of them attended both meetings.KEYSTAKEHOLDERS and PROJECTED IMPACTS: Residents of the El Cerritos neighborhood, in which the proposed project is located, do not support the project as proposed because of the development’s possible impacts regarding: density, bulk and scale, height, traffic, parking and neighborhood transition.

  • DefinitionsThroughout Sections 31.1 through 31.7, the following capitalized terms shall have the meanings set forth in this subsection: Affected TO: The Transmission Owner who receives written notification of a dispute related to a Local Transmission Planning Process pursuant to Section Region: A Load Zone or Zones within an area that is isolated from the rest of the NYCA as a result of constrained interface limits.

  • Areas Affected by Project (Cities, Counties, States, etc.): Add Attachment Delete Attachment View Attachment* 15.

  • Affected by factors such as volatile sales prices of oil and grease, the lower-than-expected actual processing amount, may cause the actual profitability of kitchen waste disposal projects to be lower than expected.Management / response measures:The Group has completed the transformation of toll stations and the switch of its toll collection system according to the overall national deployment.

  • The notice shall include full particulars of the nature of Force Majeure event, the effect it is likely to have on the Affected Party’s performance of its obligations and the measures which the Affected Party is taking, or proposes to take, to alleviate the impact of the Force Majeure Event and restore the performance of its obligations.

More Definitions of Affected

Affected for a part-time employee means he/she suffers a reduction in hours (based on the average hours worked in the previous twenty-six (26) weeks before the event) of forty (40%) percent or more (in any week within eight (8) weeks of implementation of an event or events listed above), or due to the events described in sub-section 21.01, and not due to a drop in business.
Affected means “[p]eople requiring immediate assistance during a period of emergency, i.e. requiring basic survival needs such as food, water, shelter, sanitation and immediate medical assistance”, source: ibid.
Affected has the meaning specified in Section 13.2.
Affected for a full-time employee means their full-time job is no longer required in their department because of one (1) or more events as described in sub-article 20.01 above, and not due to a drop in business.
Affected. , in relation to a parcel, means affected or intended to be affected by a division or amalgamation;
Affected means infected or infested with a pest;
Affected for a full-time employee means his/ her full-time job is no longer required in his/her department because of one (1) or more events as described in sub-section 21.01 above, and not due to a drop in business.