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Modified. Texas Ratio” shall mean a fraction, expressed as a percentage, where the numerator is Non-Performing Assets, and where the denominator is the sum of Bank’s Tier 1 Capital plus the entire balance of Bank’s loan loss reserve, all determined on a basis satisfactory to Lender.

Examples of Modified in a sentence

The sample shall be extracted according to Illinois Modified AASHTO T 164 by a consultant laboratory prequalified by the Department for the specified testing.

Manufacturer's Standard Form: Modified to include Project-specific information and properly executed.

The stabilizing additive shall meet the Fiber Quality Requirements listed in Illinois Modified AASHTO M 325.

A stabilizing additive such as cellulose or mineral fiber shall be added to the SMA mixture according to Illinois Modified AASHTO M 325.

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Modified. AGI means the AGI of the contributor increased by any amount excluded from gross income under I.R.C. §§ 911, 931, or 933. Id. § 530(c)(2).
Modified means a change in design or rating.
Modified means a change to a vessel with a DNR Controlled Water Ski sticker by any of the following means: adding more than 750 pounds of ballast by any means that causes the vessel to create a wake that exceeds 6 inches, measured at a point on the closest shore; removal of the towing pylon, swim platform, rear facing seat, or mirror; or modifying the vessel from its overall original manufactured dimensions so that it is no longer capable of maneuvering the established course without damaging the required markers.
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