Ares definition

Ares has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Ares means Ares Capital Corporation.

Examples of Ares in a sentence

  • The Com- pany disposed of the following portfolio funds: Altaris Health Partners II, Ares Corporate Fund II, The Fourth Cinven Fund, New Mountain Investments III, Thompson Street Capital Partners II, TowerBrook Capital Partners II, and half of its commitment in SFW Capital Part- ners.

  • These general purpose financial statements cover Ares Global Credit Income Fund (the Trust) as an individual entity.

  • This chapter has been published as a research article in Food Research International: Antúnez, L., Giménez, A., & Ares, G.

  • The Responsible Entity is considered to be the key management personnel with authority for the strategic direction and management of the Trust.The Asset Manager, Ares Australia Management Pty Ltd, is a related party to the Trust as it is a member of the same group as the Responsible Entity.

  • The Responsible Entity's registered office is:Level 2, 5 Martin Place,Sydney NSW 2000 Financial highlights‌ Financial highlights for Ares Global Credit Income Fund (the Trust), include the following:Performance The table below shows historical discrete annual return performance of the Trust since inception.

More Definitions of Ares

Ares means Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund II, L.P.
Ares means Ares Agent Services, L.P.
Ares means Ares Capital Management LLC and/or its managed funds or Affiliates.
Ares means (a) Ares Management LLC, its Affiliated investment managers and funds or accounts managed by any of them (but excluding any portfolio companies that are owned in whole or in part by any of the foregoing) and (b) any other Affiliates of Ares Management LLC or any “person” or “group” of related persons (as such terms are used in sections 13(d) and 14(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended) sharing voting power with Ares Management LLC.
Ares means an alternative retail electric supplier as defined in Section 16-102 of the Amendatory Act.