AI definition

AI means an “accredited investoras described in Rule 501(a)(4) under the Securities Act.
AI means annual gross income; and “TI” means annual taxable income for federal income tax purposes.

Examples of AI in a sentence

  • Law enforcement authorities are already developing innovative solutions based on AI technology, for example to identify terrorist content online and stop its dissemination, to prevent the creation of new terrorists’ accounts on social media, and detect symbols.

  • One key aspect to developing trustworthy AI applications is ensuring that the data used to train algorithms is relevant, verifiable, of good quality and available in high variety to minimise bias for instance towards gender or race.

  • AI applications should be developed and used with proper safeguards for right and freedoms, in compliance with relevant legislation and adequately documented to ascertain the legality of their use.

  • This solution proposes a new interoperability layer, the intelligence layer, to cope with the interoperability concerns arising from different approaches of active and intelligent actors (e.g., software tools, AI, hardware in the loop, control algorithms, humans) to add value through exploitation of the available information before fulfilling business related func- tions.

  • IntroductionPlanning is an important branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research.

More Definitions of AI

AI means an “accredited investor” as defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D.
AI means artificial insemination.
AI means collectively, Accents & Interiors, Inc., a Washington corporation and A&I Stone, Inc., a Washington corporation. A&I Acquisition: the consummation of the acquisition by Lark of the A&I Acquisition Assets pursuant to the terms of the A&I Acquisition Agreement and the transactions in connection therewith. A&I Acquisition Agreement: that certain Asset Purchase Agreement between Lark, A&I, and the equityholders of A&I party thereto, together with all exhibits, schedules and annexes thereto.
AI means the total area of impervious cover that will exist on the site after development minus the area of any impervious cover that existed on the site prior to the development, regardless of whether the existing impervious area was disturbed.