AI definition

AI means an “accredited investoras described in Rule 501(a)(4) under the Securities Act.
AI means annual gross income; and “TI” means annual taxable income for federal income tax purposes.
AI means the “Allotted Institute” for the purpose of admission”.

Examples of AI in a sentence

Define an assignment a of the truth values t and f to propositional variables by taking a(ai) = t iff aIi ∈ AI.

The sub-component will provide support to activities related to the implementation of the MARA Contingency Plan for Avian Influenza which details the containment plan for AI outbreaks.

Animate Intransitive (AI) verbs in Blackfoot, which are morphologically intransitive, can take secondary objects as long as the object is not a full DP.

Therefore, IM |= Kj.Conversely, suppose Ij is a model of Kj. Let I be an interpretation such that IdIis the identity relation, SPI = PIj \ IdIj , for all P with Ref(P ) ∈ T j, and AI = AIj ,PI = PIj and aI = aIj , for all concept, role and object names A, P and a in Kj. Clearly, I |= (T0j ∪ T1j, Aj ∪ A1j ).

Results are provided for years 1990 and 2018, single gases and CO2eq, world-totals and by AI and NAI country grouping.

More Definitions of AI

AI means an “accredited investor” as defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D.
AI means collectively, Accents & Interiors, Inc., a Washington corporation and A&I Stone, Inc., a Washington corporation. A&I Acquisition: the consummation of the acquisition by Lark of the A&I Acquisition Assets pursuant to the terms of the A&I Acquisition Agreement and the transactions in connection therewith. A&I Acquisition Agreement: that certain Asset Purchase Agreement between Lark, A&I, and the equityholders of A&I party thereto, together with all exhibits, schedules and annexes thereto.
AI means "avian influenza," a disease of viral etiology, specifically an influenza A virus, that ranges from a mild or even asymptomatic infection to an acute, fatal disease of chickens, turkeys, guinea fowls, and other avian species, especially migratory waterfowl.