Additional Certificates definition

Additional Certificates has the meaning specified in Section 8.01(d).
Additional Certificates. Has the meaning specified in the Intercreditor Agreement.
Additional Certificates. Additional Equipment Notes”, “Aircraft”, “Bankruptcy Code”, “Certificate”, “Class A Cash Collateral Account”, “Class A Certificates”, “Class A Trust”, “Class A Trust Agreement”, “Class A Trustee”, “Class B Certificates”, “Closing Date”, “Continental”, “Continental Bankruptcy Event”, “Controlling Party”, “Corporate Trust Office”, “Delivery Period Expiry Date”, “Downgraded Facility”, “Downgrade Event”, “Equipment Notes”, “Fee Letter”, “Final Legal Distribution Date”, “Financing Agreement”, “Investment Earnings”, “Liquidity Facility”, “Liquidity Obligations”, “Loan Trustee”, “Non-Extended Facility”, “Note Purchase Agreement”, “Operative Agreements”, “Participation Agreement”, “Performing Equipment Note”, “Person”, “Pool Balance”, “Rating Agencies”, “Regular Distribution Date”, “Replacement Liquidity Facility”, “Responsible Officer”, “Scheduled Payment”, “Special Payment”, “Stated Interest Rate”, “Subordination Agent”, “Taxes”, “Threshold Rating”, “Transfer”, “Trust Agreement”, “Trustee”, “Underwriters”, and “Underwriting Agreement”.

Examples of Additional Certificates in a sentence

  • Upon issuance, the Additional Certificates will be identical in all respects (except that the principal amount of such Additional Certificates may be different) to the Investor Certificates currently outstanding and will be equally and ratably entitled to the benefits of this Series Supplement and the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.

  • The percentage of the Series Third Party Credit Enhancement for each outstanding Class of such Series shall not change upon the issuance of the Additional Certificates.

  • The Class Controlled Accumulation Amount or Class Controlled Amortization Amount, as applicable, for each Class of such Series shall be increased proportionally to reflect the additional amount of Class A, Class B and Class C Certificates for such Series represented by the Additional Certificates.

  • The Trust is also issuing call warrants with respect to the Additional Certificates (the "Additional Call Warrants").

  • The Additional Certificates shall have an original issue date of even date herewith.

More Definitions of Additional Certificates

Additional Certificates means any additional certificates issued by the Pass Through Trusts in connection with the issuance of Additional Lessor Notes.
Additional Certificates shall have the meaning assigned such term in subsection 10(a).
Additional Certificates means Additional Certificates which may be executed and delivered pursuant to the Indenture.
Additional Certificates means any certificates executed and delivered pursuant to Section 2.11 of the Trust Agreement.
Additional Certificates means, in respect of a Series, Certificates issued pursuant to Condition 21 (Further Issuances);
Additional Certificates has the meaning specified in Section 9.1(d), provided that, as used in Section 4.01 of the Class A Trust Agreement and Section 4.01 of the Class AA Trust Agreement, such term shall include the Class B Certificates.