Retail Certificates definition

Retail Certificates. A Senior Certificate, if any, offered in smaller minimum denominations than other Senior Certificates, and designated as such in the Series Supplement.
Retail Certificates. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.
Retail Certificates. Not applicable.

Examples of Retail Certificates in a sentence

  • Except for distributions of principal in respect of the Retail Certificates, all distributions of such Principal Distribution Amount which are made with respect to a particular Class of Trust Fund Certificates shall be made pro rata among all Certificates of such Class in proportion to their respective Certificate Balances, with no preference or priority of any kind.

  • The execution and authentication of the certificates evidencing Classes of DTC Certificates (including the Class of Retail Certificates) shall be governed by the provisions of Section 5.01 hereof to the same extent as the Residual Certificates specifically covered thereby.

  • Dental services are available only for those earning less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines.

  • Investors must make their own decisions as to the appropriate assumptions, including prepayment assumptions, to be used in deciding whether to purchase the Retail Certificates.

  • The Depository shall maintain each Class of DTC Certificates (other than the Retail Certificates) in minimum denominations of $1,000 and integral multiples of $1 in excess thereof (in the case of the Interest Only Certificates, which have no principal balances, such denominations will represent the original Notional Principal Balances thereof).

More Definitions of Retail Certificates

Retail Certificates. The Class A-3, Class A-4, Class A-5, Class A-6, Class A-7, Class A-8, Class A-9, Class A-10, Class A-11, Class A-12, Class A-13, Class A-14, Class A-15, Class A-16, Class A-17, Class A-18, Class A-19, Class A-20, Class A-21, Class A-23, Class A-24, Class A-25, Class A-26, Class A-27, Class A-28, Class A-29, Class A-31, Class A-32, Class A-33, Class A-34 and Class A-35 Certificates.
Retail Certificates. Any of the Class NB-2 Certificates.
Retail Certificates. The Class A-11 Certificates.
Retail Certificates. The UU Class (as specified in the Prospectus Supplement). Retail Principal Distribution: As defined in Section 3.03(a) hereof.
Retail Certificates. The GG and HH Classes (as specified in the Prospectus Supplement). Retail Principal Distribution: As defined in Section 3.03(a) hereof.
Retail Certificates. The Class 42-LL Certificates.
Retail Certificates. The Class IA-3, Class IA-4, Class IA-6, Class IA-8, Class IA-9, Class IA- 13, Class IA-14, Class IA-15, Class IA-16, Class IA-17, Class IA-18, Class IA-19, Class IA-20, Class IA-21, Class IA-22, Class IA-23, Class IA-24, Class IA-25 and Class IIA-3 Certificates.