Actually definition

Actually means, with respect to holding or owning Units of Partnership Interest, those Units of Partnership Interest with respect to which the referenced Person is (i) set forth on the books and records of TRG as the owner thereof (the "Record Partner") or (ii) a designee of a Record Partner as provided in Section 5.2(c) of the Partnership Agreement, in either case without regard to Beneficial Ownership or Constructive Ownership.
Actually means that the claimant actually incurred the claimed expenditure, e.g.: the bus fare for a journey cannot be claimed if the claimant had decided to leave earlier and walk the journey instead;
Actually means “as an actual or existing fact; really.” Webster’s, supra, at 21. Thus, literally adhering to the provision’s words, the signer must have “as an actual or existing fact; really” voted at the election in which the position was filled. As an adverb, “actually” may not add very much to the verb “voted.” Still, as the debate in this case illustrates, the word “actually” does vivify the personal “who” by which the phrase “actually voted” is introduced, personalizing “number” as something more than just abstract quantity; it also adds emphasis to “voted.” This “may not be very heavy work for the [word ‘actually’] to perform, but a job is a job, and enough to bar the rule against redundancy from disqualifying an otherwise sensible reading.” Gutierrez v. Ada, 528 U.S. 250, 258 (2000). And, as respondents conceded at oral argument, their reading of Article 2, Section 9 leaves “actually” with no job at all, which our rules do not allow. Youngs v. Hall, 9 Nev. 212, 222 (1874) (“In expounding a constitutional provision such construction should be employed as will prevent any clause, sentence or word from being superfluous, void or insignificant.”).

Examples of Actually in a sentence

Actually, in the 19th and early 20th century, almost all research was carried out outside firms in universities and other public (and private) research organizations.

Actually the more important field for the domain experts regarding payment is the repayment frequency which entails monthly, quarterly, Semi-Annually or annually which is represented by FREQUENCY attribute. The CUSTOMER_NO and CONTRACT_REF_NO are used to uniquely identify the customer and loan contract respectively.

The members of OMPA serve approximately 250,000 Oklahomans.” Map of OMPA Member Cities Actually, however, according to the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma (“MESO”) more than 60 Oklahoma cities and towns have municipally-owned electric utility systems that provide retail electric utility services to more than 400,000 consumers.

Actually, once I went back to the tape, the comments that directly related to the contract were minimal and noted below: ‐ Section 13.4, last sentence: “and” equipment should probably read “any” equipment‐ Section 2.11, with respect to the reference to January 2013, they just wanted confirmation that Providence doesn’t have a full year to take stock of the current operation but that January 2013 is the first assessment point for the City to assess Providence’s performance under the contract.

Actually, The MENA region was practically the only one where the so called “productivity- enhancing structural change” produced negative effects.