Access Provider definition

Access Provider in this RAO means the Access Provider stated in the cover of this RAO who owns or provides the Access Service listed in the Access List and who is a Licensee as defined in the Act.
Access Provider means an Operator who is:-
Access Provider means the person, group or entity, or non-profit, designated by the Issuing Authority for the purpose of operating and managing the use of Public, Educational and Governmental Access funding, equipment and channels on the cable television system in accordance with this Renewal License and 47 U.S.C. 531.

Examples of Access Provider in a sentence

  • The agreement will be standardized, facilitated and administered by a Centralized Zone Data Access Provider, which may be ICANN or an ICANN designee (the “CZDA Provider”).

  • The Operators agree that the remedies set out in this item (17)(c) shall be the only remedy against the Access Provider and the Access Provider shall not be liable to the Access Seeker for any damages, costs and/or expenses.

  • Towards this end, the Access Provider shall be entitled to utilise all amounts paid in advance by the Access Seeker (including the Security Sum) towards payment of Access Charges for the unexpired License Term.

  • Nevertheless, the Operators agree that if the omission or miscalculation is due to the Access Seeker under declaring or not declaring its actual number of Equipment or for any other reason thereby avoiding the additional Access Charges payable to the Access Provider, then the period of three (3) months above shall be extended to the time when the additional Equipment was/were added to the Site without notifying the Access Provider.

  • For the purpose of clarification, the Security Sum does not relieve the Access Seeker from its obligations to pay amounts to the Access Provider as and when they become due and payable, nor does it constitute a waiver of the Access Provider’s right to suspend, disconnect or terminate the Access Service due to non-payment of any sums due or payable to the Access Provider.

More Definitions of Access Provider

Access Provider. , for a facility, means an owner or user of the facility who has given, or is able to give, someone else a capacity entitlement under an access agreement for the facility.
Access Provider in this ARD means the Access Provider stated in the cover of this ARD who is a network facilities provider who owns or provides network facilities listed in the Access List and who is a licensee as defined in the Act.
Access Provider means a person who provides electronic data transmission service by transmitting information provided by or to a user of the service in a communication network or providing access to a communication network;
Access Provider means the operator or provider of the Access Circuits.
Access Provider means any person providing—
Access Provider means Rain Networks (Pty) Ltd.;
Access Provider means the company which provides physical telephone lines and associated telephone numbers from which THREE rents or leases such line(s) and number(s) in order to provide the Fixed Services to the Customer.