Approval Order definition

Approval Order means (i) an order in the form attached hereto as Exhibit 2; or (ii) in the event of a timely objection to the motion to approve the Agreement that if sustained would reduce the full Settlement Amount available to pay Asbestos-Released Claims, an order in such form agreed to in writing by the Parties, entered by the Bankruptcy Court that (a) approves this Agreement, (b) authorizes the Parties to undertake the settlement and the sale of the Subject Policies as set forth in this Agreement, and (c) provides for the Injunction.
Approval Order means the approval of the CIPF by a Regulator pursuant to the Securities Legislation in a Canadian province or territory which stipulates that registered dealers must participate in a compensation fund or contingency trust fund approved by the Regulator and established by, among others, an SRO.
Approval Order means an order of the Bankruptcy Court approving one or more Insurance Settlement Agreements as such order may be awarded, modified, or supplemented.

Examples of Approval Order in a sentence

  • Any individual who scanned their finger or hand on a finger-scan timeclock in the state of Illinois between March 3, 2015 and [date of Preliminary Approval Order] may be eligible to receive cash benefits from this Settlement.

  • The proposed Preliminary Approval Order, lodged herewith, is substantially identical to Exhibit 3 to the Settlement Agreement.In preparing this motion, Medina has attempted to follow the “Guidelines For Motions For Preliminary And Final Approval Of Class Settlement” contained on this Court’s website.R&M has been provided with a copy of this motion.

  • The Court determines that the Class Notice provided to the Class in accordance with 13 the Notice Plan approved in this Court’s Preliminary Approval Order was the best notice practicable 14 under the circumstances.

  • All pretrial proceedings in this action are stayed and suspended until further order of this Court, except such actions as may be necessary to implement the Agreement and this Preliminary Approval Order.

  • The best notice that is practicable under the circumstances has been provided to the target group in accordance with the Court’s Preliminary Approval Order.

More Definitions of Approval Order

Approval Order means a Final Order or Final Orders of the Bankruptcy Court, in form and substance reasonably acceptable to Buyer that, among other things, (i) approves, pursuant to sections 363(b) and 363(f) of the Bankruptcy Code, (A) the execution, delivery and performance by Sellers of this Agreement, and the other instruments and agreements contemplated hereby, (B) the sale of the Subject Assets free and clear of any and all Liens (other than Permitted Exceptions) to Buyer on the terms set forth herein, and (C) the performance by each of Sellers and Buyer of its respective obligations under this Agreement; and (ii) finds that Buyer is a “good faithpurchaser within the meaning of section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code, and which such Order or Orders shall be in full force and effect and shall not have been modified or amended in any respect.
Approval Order shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.1(b).
Approval Order means the Order (I) Authorizing (A) Entry into the Exit Financing Letters and Related Exit ABL/Term Loan Fee Letter and (B) Payment of Associated Fees and Expenses and (II) Granting Related Relief entered by the Bankruptcy Court on November 1, 2017 [Docket No. 1430].
Approval Order means an order of the Court, among other things, approving the Proposal;
Approval Order has the meaning assigned to it in Section 5.1.