Void Sample Clauses

Void. 4.5.3 In case of extension due to reasons specified in Article 4.5.1(b) and (c), and if such Force Majeure Event continues even after a maximum period of nine (9) months, any of the Parties may choose to terminate the Agreement as per the provisions of Article 13.5.
Void. If the Client has already signed with another Brokerage or with M. A. Smitty & Co., this Agreement is null and void.
Void. 4.2.5 The arrangement of connectivity shall be made by the SPD through a dedicated transmission line. The entire cost of transmission including cost of construction of line, any other charges, losses etc. from the Project up to the Interconnection Point will be borne by the SPD. In case of non-availability of Grid and Transmission System during Term of this Agreement, for reasons not attributable to the SPD, provisions of Article 4.10 shall beapplicable.
Void all claims for principal and interest in respect of such Note have become void under Condition 12 (Prescription) of the Senior Conditions or Condition 14 (Prescription) of the Tier 2 Conditions or the Tier 3 Conditions, as the case may be;
Void. 5. Routine operation as defined in Item 2 above must not lead to structural damage to internal components of the cyclotron or the target assembly due to interactions between the beam and such components.
Void. The cancellation of a sales transaction before the transaction is completed. A voided transaction shall not be used to return or provide credit for WIC food items.
Void. 2.11.3 However if any ‘Time extension’ is granted to the contractor to facilitate continuation of work and completion of contract, due to backlog attributable to the contractor alone, then it shall be without prejudice to the rights of BHEL to impose penalty / LD for the delays attributable to the contractor, in addition to any other actions BHEL may wish to take at the risk and cost of contractor.