Valid Contracts Sample Clauses

Valid Contracts. Each Contract with respect to each Receivable is effective to create, and has created, a legal, valid and binding obligation of the related Obligor to pay the Outstanding Balance of the Receivable created thereunder and any accrued interest thereon, enforceable against the Obligor in accordance with its terms, except as such enforcement may be limited by applicable bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization or other similar laws relating to or limiting creditorsrights generally and by general principles of equity (regardless of whether enforcement is sought in a proceeding in equity or at law).
Valid Contracts. 13 SECTION 5.21 Perfection Representation................................................................. 13
Valid Contracts. (b) Void Contracts.
Valid Contracts. The Key Contracts are all valid, legally binding and enforceable by or against the Seller under their respective terms.
Valid Contracts. A valid contract is an agreement enforceable by law. An agreement becomes enforceable by law when all the essentials of a valid contract as laid in Section 10 are fulfilled.

Related to Valid Contracts

Seller Contracts All Seller Contracts (other than those ---------------- constituting Excluded Assets) are described on SCHEDULE 5.6 or 5.7. Complete and correct copies of all Seller Contracts have been delivered by Seller to Buyer. Each Seller Contract is in full force and effect and constitutes the valid, legal, binding and enforceable obligation of Seller and Seller is not and to Seller's Knowledge each other party thereto is not, in breach or default of any material terms or conditions thereunder.
Customer Contracts 6.2.1 The Redistributor should ensure that its contracts with its Customers give it all necessary rights to control and monitor Data use.
SUB-CONTRACTS (a) The Administrator may sub-contract or delegate the performance of all or any of its powers and obligations under this Agreement, provided that (but subject to Clause 3.2(b) herein):
Assigned Contracts The Debtor shall fully perform all of its obligations under each of the Assigned Contracts, and shall enforce all of its material rights and remedies thereunder. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Debtor shall take all action reasonably necessary or appropriate, as determined solely by the Debtor, to permit, and shall not take any action which would have any materially adverse effect upon, the full enforcement of all indemnification rights under the Assigned Contracts. The Debtor shall notify the Secured Party in writing, promptly after the Debtor becomes aware thereof, of any event or fact which could give rise to a claim by it for indemnification under any of the material Assigned Contracts, and shall diligently pursue, as it deems appropriate, such right and report to the Secured Party on all further developments with respect thereto. The Debtor shall remit directly to the Secured Party for application to the Obligations in such order as the Secured Party shall determine, all amounts received by the Debtor as indemnification or otherwise pursuant to its Assigned Contracts. If the Debtor shall fail after the Secured Party's demand to pursue diligently any right under the material Assigned Contracts, or an Event of Default then exists, the Secured Party may directly enforce such right in its own or the Debtor's name and may enter into such settlements or other agreements with respect thereto as the Secured Party, shall determine. In any suit, proceeding or action brought by the Secured Party under any Assigned Contract for any sum owing thereunder or to enforce any provision thereof, the Debtor shall indemnify, defend and hold the Secured Party harmless from and against all expense (including without limitation Attorney Costs), loss or damage suffered by reason of any defense, setoff, counterclaims, recoupment, or reduction of liability whatsoever of the obligor thereunder arising out of a breach by the Debtor of any obligation thereunder or arising out of any other agreement, indebtedness or liability at any time owing from the Debtor to or in favor of such obligor or its successors. All obligations of the Debtor under an Assigned Contract shall be and remain enforceable only against the Debtor and shall not be enforceable against the Secured Party. Notwithstanding any provision hereof to the contrary, the Debtor shall at all times remain liable to observe and perform all of its material duties and obligations under the Assigned Contracts, and the Secured Party's exercise of any of its rights with respect to the Collateral shall not release the Debtor from any of such duties and obligations. The Secured Party shall not be obligated to perform or fulfill the Debtor's duties or obligations under the Assigned Contracts or to make any payment thereunder, or to make any inquiry as to the nature or sufficiency of any payment or property received by it thereunder or the sufficiency of performance by any party thereunder, or to present or file any claim, or to take any action to collect or enforce any performance, any payment of any amounts, or any delivery of any property.
Project Contracts Prior to the delivery of this Lease, the Company may have entered into a contract or contracts with respect to the acquisition and/or construction of the Improvements. Those contracts, and any such contracts entered into by the Company after delivery of this Lease are hereinafter referred to as the “Project Contracts.” Prior to the delivery hereof, certain work has been or may have been performed on the Improvements pursuant to said Project Contracts or otherwise. The Company hereby conveys, transfers and assigns to the Issuer all of the Company’s rights in, but not its obligations under the Project Contracts and the Issuer hereby designates the Company as Issuer’s agent for the purpose of executing and performing the Project Contracts. After the execution hereof, the Company shall cause the Project Contracts to be fully performed by the contractor(s), subcontractor(s) and supplier(s) thereunder in accordance with the terms thereof, and the Company covenants to cause the Improvements to be acquired, constructed and/or completed in accordance with the Project Contracts. Any and all amounts received by the Issuer, the Trustee or the Company from any of the contractors or other suppliers by way of breach of contract, refunds or adjustments shall become a part of and be deposited in the Project Fund.
Related Contracts The Borrower shall not take any action, enter into any document or agreement or omit to take any action or to enter into any document or agreement which would, or could reasonably be expected to, cause any Related Contract to cease to remain in full force and effect and shall use all reasonable endeavours to procure that each other party to any Related Contract does not take any action, enter into any document or agreement or omit to take any action or to enter into any document or agreement which would, or could reasonably be expected to, cause any Related Contract to cease to remain in full force and effect.
Assumed Contracts Seller has made available to Buyer complete and correct copies of the Assumed Contracts and any amendments, modifications and supplements thereto. All the Assumed Contracts are in full force and effect and are valid, binding and enforceable in accordance with their terms by and against Seller, except as such enforceability may be subject to or limited by (i) applicable bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency, moratorium and similar laws affecting the enforcement of creditors’ rights generally; and (ii) the rules governing the availability of specific performance, injunctive relief or other equitable remedies and general principles of equity, regardless of whether considered in a proceeding in law or equity; provided that there may be Assumed Contracts that have expired by their terms, but contain surviving rights or Liabilities that will be assumed by Buyer. Except as set forth in Schedule 6.4(a) of the Disclosure Schedule, neither Seller nor, to the Knowledge of Seller, any other party to such Assumed Contract is, or has received notice that it is, in violation or breach of or default under any such Assumed Contract (or with notice or lapse of time or both, would be in violation or breach of or default under any such Assumed Contract) in any material respect. Schedule 6.4(b) of the Disclosure Schedule sets forth a list of all Assumed Contracts which require the consent or waiver of any party to such Assumed Contracts, to the Assignment of such Assumed Contract as a result of the transactions contemplated hereby (the “Third Party Consents”).
Major Contracts Borrower has not entered into, or is not bound by, any Major Contract which continues in existence, except those previously disclosed in writing to Lender. Each of the Major Contracts is in full force and effect, there are no monetary or other material defaults by Borrower thereunder and, to the best knowledge of Borrower, there are no monetary or other material defaults thereunder by any other party thereto. None of Borrower, Manager or any other Person acting on Borrower's behalf has given or received any notice of default under any of the Major Contracts that remains uncured or in dispute. Borrower has delivered true, correct and complete copies of the Major Contracts (including all amendments and supplements thereto) to Lender. No Major Contract has as a party an Affiliate of Borrower.
Gas Contracts No Credit Party, as of the date hereof or as disclosed to the Administrative Agent in writing, (a) is obligated in any material respect by virtue of any prepayment made under any contract containing a “take-or-pay” or “prepayment” provision or under any similar agreement to deliver Hydrocarbons produced from or allocated to any of the Borrower’s and its Subsidiaries’ Oil and Gas Properties at some future date without receiving full payment therefor at the time of delivery or (b) except as has been disclosed to the Administrative Agent, has produced gas, in any material amount, subject to balancing rights of third parties or subject to balancing duties under Legal Requirements.