Related Obligor definition

Related Obligor has the meaning set forth in Section 4.08.
Related Obligor means any “Obligor” as defined in any Related Charter.
Related Obligor means, with respect to any Commercial Obligor, any Obligor who is an employee of such Commercial Obligor who has charging privileges.

Examples of Related Obligor in a sentence

  • The operating data with respect to each Related Local Obligation (identifying the name of the Related Obligor, the amount of principal advances authorized but undrawn under the Local Obligation, and the Local Obligation’s respective percentage share of the outstanding principal of all Related Local Obligations), including a list of all obligors constituting “Material Obligors” as of the end of VRA’s fiscal year.

  • Related Obligor Default 2.6 When a default is recorded for any obligor for IRBA purposes, a Reporting Bank shall review all ratings of obligors related to that particular obligor320 to determine if that default is an indication that any other related obligor is unlikely to fulfill its obligations.

More Definitions of Related Obligor

Related Obligor means the Related Borrower, the Carveout Obligor, the Guarantor or any other Person that is liable under the Related Loan Documents for the payment of any portion of the Related Indebtedness, or the performance of any other obligation required to be performed under the terms and conditions of any of the Related Loan Documents, under any circumstances.
Related Obligor shall, when used with respect to any Rental Contract, mean the Person so obligated thereunder.
Related Obligor means, with respect to any Obligor in any Eligible Obligor Group, any other Obligor that is part of the same Eligible Obligor Group (including the applicable Eligible Obligor Parent).
Related Obligor means the Guarantor, LGII or a Restricted Subsidiary of the Guarantor or LGII.
Related Obligor means TLGI, LGII or a Restricted Subsidiary of TLGI or LGII.
Related Obligor has died or has filed a bankruptcy petition or has had a bankruptcy petition filed against him. Notwithstanding any other provision hereof, any Receivables in a Defaulted Account which are Ineligible Receivables shall be treated as Ineligible Receivables rather than Receivables in Defaulted Accounts.
Related Obligor means Xxxxxx, LGII or a Restricted Subsidiary of Xxxxxx or LGII.