Undergraduate Sample Clauses

Undergraduate. Any student who has not yet received a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
Undergraduate. At the undergraduate level, RMIT plans to maintain Commonwealth-supported load over future years, with only moderate growth. Opportunities to further strengthen articulation pathways from RMIT VET and Associate Degree offerings into these undergraduate programs are also being implemented.
Undergraduate. Employees who are awarded an associates degree from an accredited institution will receive a two year credit increase in pay reduced by previously given credit at hire for education. Employees who are awarded a bachelor's degree will receive a four year credit increase in pay, reduced by previously given credit for education at hire or for an associates degree.
Undergraduate. The only undergraduate credits eligible for reimbursement are courses required by DPI for a position for which a Teacher has already been hired. Payment of $50.00 per semester hour for undergraduate hours will be made upon completion of the required credential. All requests for college or university work must be submitted in writing and approved by administration before the course work is started. Reimbursement will be made during the October pay period of the school year following the completion of the course work. Providing the Teacher is under contract in the Dunseith Public School District for the school year subsequent to the school year during which the course work was taken. Maximum amount of reimbursement to be paid for any one school year shall be $600.00. Reimbursement will be made only if all expenses have been incurred by the employee.
Undergraduate. Employees who receive an associate degree from an accredited institution which is relevant to the employee’s occupational field will receive a $800.00 increase in pay. Employees who receive a bachelor's degree will receive a $1,200.00 increase in pay.

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  • Dimensions Education Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience. Experience: A minimum of 7 years of IT work experience including managing team(s) responsible for production and operations support. Breadth: Middle level management in data center operations. Works under general direction of senior level management. Typically manages and mentors supervisors, project leaders and/or technical staff. Works on multiple, complex projects as a project leader and a subject matter expert. Frequently reports to an IT Chief Operating Officer, Director, Data Center Operations or Operating Unit IT Executive. JOB FAMILY: OPERATIONS‌ Job Title: Production Support Analyst Job#: 2860 General Characteristics Manages and controls the processing of programs and peripheral equipment on mainframe and/or distributed computer systems to ensure the highest levels of service and system availability are attained. Establishes production runs, ensuring that appropriate job control language, run documentation and data files are available. Assists in job set-up. Performs problem identification, escalation and resolution. Communicates status of operations to allow for immediate response to service disruptions.