Ancillary Documents Sample Clauses

Ancillary Documents. The Purchaser shall have delivered, or caused to be delivered, to the Company the documents listed in Section 8.3.
Ancillary Documents. (a) Project Co shall not:
Ancillary Documents. The Purchaser shall have delivered, or caused to be delivered, to the Sellers the following:
Ancillary Documents. The Trust hereby expressly authorizes and directs the Indenture Trustee to execute and deliver each of the documents, instruments and agreements attached as Exhibits or otherwise expressly contemplated by the terms of, this Indenture with respect to the Notes from time to time.
Ancillary Documents. To the extent that any security agreement, subordination agreement or guaranty is required to be executed by a Subsidiary or Affiliate, the representations and warranties set forth in Sections 5.1 and 5.2 are also true and correct with respect to such Subsidiary and Affiliate and such document.
Ancillary Documents. Each RAI Party shall have tendered executed copies of the respective Transaction Documents to which it is intended to be a party.
Ancillary Documents. 4.1 Project Co shall perform its obligations under, and observe all of the provisions of, the Project Documents to which it is a party and shall not:
Ancillary Documents. “Ancillary Documents” shall have the definition set forth in the Power Purchase Agreement.
Ancillary Documents. Dealer will execute such agreements or other documents as Case IH in its reasonable discretion may deem necessary to preserve Case IH's rights under this Agreement in response to (a) any change or proposed change in Dealer's legal form or entity, (b) any Change of Control of Dealer as defined above, or (c) death or incapacity of any Dealer Principal.