The Completion Date Sample Clauses

The Completion Date is an estimate only. COMPLETION is defined as when construction is substantially complete and a CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY is issued. Any completion date contained in this agreement or communicated to Purchaser by Seller or Seller's Agent is the best estimate of when the new home will be completed and in no way is a guarantee. The Closing Date in this agreement shall be the termination date unless mutually extended. If construction is not complete prior to the closing date, an automatic 120-day extension is applied.
The Completion Date the seventh day after the fulfilment of the last-outstanding of the suspensive conditions;
The Completion Date. The seventh Business Day after fulfillment of all the Conditions Precedent (or such other date as the parties may agree in writing).SCHEDULE 4The Mortgage:None.SCHEDULE 5Matters required to be specified under Section 29B(5) of the Stamp Duty Ordinance:-
The Completion Date and subject to the Employer’s Agent issuing the costed summary of aggregate expenditure referred to at clause 7.2.3
The Completion Date and who do not withdraw such consent prior to payment of the Transfer Amount;
The Completion Date for the purposes of clause 5.1 of the Deed of Settlement and the “Final Transfer Date” for the purpose of clause 7.1 of the Deed of Settlement is 25 February 2000.
The Completion Date the 60th day after the signature date, or such other date as may be determined pursuant to clause 12.3;