Supervisor participation Sample Clauses

Supervisor participation. The Employer will assist supervisors' participation in health promotion and health education programs. Health promotion and health education programs that have been endorsed by the Employer (Minnesota Management & Budget) will be considered to be non-assigned job-related training pursuant to Administrative Procedure 21. Approval for this training is at the discretion of the Appointing Authority and is contingent upon meeting staffing needs in the supervisor's absence and the availability of funds. Supervisors are eligible for release time, tuition reimbursement, or a pro rata combination of both. Supervisors may be reimbursed for up to one hundred (100) percent of tuition or registration costs upon successful completion of the program. Supervisors may be granted release time, including the travel time, in lieu of reimbursement.

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  • JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE In order to encourage open communication, promote harmonious labor relations, and resolve matters of mutual concern, the parties agree to create a joint labor- management committee. The committee will be governed by the following principles:

  • LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE The Employer and the Union agree to maintain a Labor Management Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to xxxxxx improved communication between the Employer and bargaining unit members, and to evaluate and lead to improvement of internal processes for the benefit, health and safety of employees covered by this agreement. This committee shall also evaluate and review recommendations to improve patient safety and overall patient and employee satisfaction. The Committee may act as a forum for sharing information to bargaining unit members on organizational changes and initiatives. The Committee may be empowered to identify solutions and make decisions as directed by the Employer otherwise the Committee will function in an advisory rather than a decision-making role and will recommend solutions to identified issues. The Committee will not have bargaining authority, nor will it address issues that are more appropriate for the grievance procedure. The Committee will consist of up to ten (10) members. Four (4) voting members will be appointed by the Employer and six (6) members will be appointed by the union, four (4) of which are voting members. The Committee will operate under the guidance of co-chairs, one to be selected by the Employer and one to be selected by the Union. The co-chairs will determine the agenda for the meetings. The Committee will meet not less than once quarterly. Meetings will be for a maximum of 1 hour. Bargaining unit employees will be compensated at their straight rate of pay for time spent at these meetings and such time shall not be counted in the calculation of overtime.

  • Supervisory Employees For the purposes of this Article, the parties agree that Supervisory positions are those that are not excluded under Article 2.0 above and that satisfy the following criteria:

  • LABOR/MANAGEMENT COMMITTEES A. Statewide There shall be established a Labor-Management Committee comprised of five (5) members appointed by MSEA-SEIU (MSEA-SEIU president or designee and one representative from each of the bargaining units) and five (5) members selected by the Governor to address workplace concerns or other matters assigned to the committee with the approval of the State Office of Employee Relations and MSEA-SEIU. The committee will be co-chaired by labor and management, and the chairs will agree on an agenda before each meeting. Meetings will be held periodically, although either chair may call special meetings with the concurrence of the other chair. There should be at least two

  • JOINT LABOUR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 18.01 A Joint Labour Management Committee shall be established to attend to those matters which are of mutual interest. To ensure its effectiveness the Committee shall be separate and apart from the grievance procedure.

  • Sick Leave Bank Committee A committee shall be formed to administer the Sick Leave Bank and to provide the information whereby the business office of the Xxxxxxx Local School District shall keep the records. This committee shall be empowered to operate the sick bank and to make decisions regarding application to use the Sick Leave Bank, so long as those rules, regulations, and decisions do not modify the agreement contained herein. This committee shall be titled the "Xxxxxxx Sick Leave Bank Committee" (“MSBC”). The MSBC shall be composed of the following five (5) persons:

  • Supervisor A. Within ten (10) business days from the occurrence of the matter on which a complaint is based, or within ten (10) business days from his/her knowledge of such occurrence, an employee shall file a formal written grievance. Three copies of the departmental grievance form shall be completed by the employee stating the nature of the grievance and the remedy requested from his/her departmental Management. The employee shall submit two copies to his/her immediate supervisor and retain the third copy.

  • Labour Management Committee Where the parties mutually agree that there are matters of mutual concern and interest that would be beneficial if discussed at a Labour-Management Committee Meeting during the term of this Agreement, the following shall apply. An equal number of representatives of each party as mutually agreed shall meet at a time and place mutually satisfactory. A request for a meeting hereunder will be made in writing prior to the date proposed and accompanied by an agenda of matters proposed to be discussed, which shall not include matters that are properly the subject of grievance or negotiations for the amendment or renewal of this agreement. Any representative(s) attending such meetings during their regularly scheduled hours of work shall not lose regular earnings as a result of such attendance. It is agreed that the topic of a rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol abuse is an appropriate topic for the Labour-Management Committee. It is understood that joint meetings with other Labour-Management Committees in the Hospital may be scheduled concerning issues of mutual interest if satisfactory to all concerned. Where two or more agreements exist between a Hospital and CUPE the Committee may be a joint one representing employees under both agreements, unless otherwise agreed."

  • Compensation of the Manager For the services to be rendered by the Manager as provided in this Agreement, the Fund shall pay to the Manager a fee computed on the aggregate net asset value of the Portfolio as of the close of each business day and payable monthly at the annual rate of 0.20%. In the event that this Agreement is terminated at other than a month-end, the fee for such month shall be prorated, as applicable.

  • Supervisors (a) Project Co shall employ competent supervisors and necessary assistants who shall be in attendance at the Site while work is being performed, and shall specifically include a competent mechanical and electrical coordinator and equipment coordinator. Project Co acknowledges that the supervisors are Key Personnel in accordance with Section 8.4. Project Co’s supervisors shall, subject to Section 8.4, devote their full time during working hours to the Project and remain at the Site until the Substantial Completion of the Work is achieved and thereafter, such supervisors shall, subject to the provisions of Section 8.4, devote sufficient time and effort to the Project as necessary until the final certificate of payment has been issued by the Consultant and all Minor Deficiencies have been rectified. Project Co shall include in its staff separate qualified mechanical and electrical coordinators who shall be responsible for (i) coordinating the general, mechanical and electrical shop drawings submitted by the Subcontractors and Suppliers for various trades or divisions of the Work; (ii) checking for any conflicts or interferences of the Work of one division or trade with another; (iii) checking for completeness of the shop drawings; and (iv) providing direction on any changes that may be required for compliance with the Contract Documents for submission to the Consultant and review of the shop drawings. The mechanical and electrical coordinators shall be active participants in the Commissioning and shall work closely with the Commissioning Agents in accordance with Schedule 9 – Commissioning Program. The mechanical and electrical coordinators shall be Key Personnel in accordance with Section 8.4.